The Self Mastery School of Creation
21 st December 2011 – 21st December 2012
A one year training with The Enlightened Masters, Gaia, Your Divine Presence,
Sri'ama Qala & Lelama Sjamar

Many are wishing to create their lives to be enriched by their spiritual path and in response to this, Spirit offers a soul an increased level of love and light, consciousness and presence for this enrichment. However, the most common blockage met on the spiritual path is the experience of disempowerment, yet when a soul receives their spirit clearly and grounds it, an amazing alchemy takes place, inwardly.

Receiving your Power of your Divine Presence or Power of Creation is a journey. It begins with a soul wishing to place the time, energy and consciousness into opening their energy body and physical body to receive a deeper connection to their Enlightened nature, their Holy Spirit and choosing to clear their energy body of the core memories of disempowerment.

This creates a birthing process to take place and activates a metamorphosis within the consciousness and energy body of your soul to allow a new stream of energy, your power, to flow through your chakras and ground your empowerment and creation consciousness. To become an empowered creator is the purpose of this one year training.

So many on the spiritual path, seek to create new creations and give our world new gifts that will benefit all of our children, Mother Earth and all of humanity. This can take place through the Power of Presence grounding through your being. Consider giving yourself, one year to birth your Power of Presence through this school, and a second year to activate it powerfully in all areas of your life. You will receive more than enough to do this through the Self Mastery School of Creation.

Simply ask yourself, are you ready for this!

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We invite you to join with 77 people worldwide to strengthen and enlighten yourself and your life with the creative power of your Divine Presence through:

  • Activating your Power of Creation within
  • Igniting your Sacred Sound & Divine Voice
  • Opening your Sound & Light Channel
  • Sacred Art & Multidimensionality
  • Healing unconscious disempowerment
  • Drawing from Source, the creative power for your projects, creations and communication

In the ease and comfort of your own home, by your own spiritual altar, you receive:

  • Powerful audio meditations
  • Practices with Sacred Sound & Art
  • Wisdom teachings via monthly newsletters
  • Enlightened Master visitations
  • Infusions of divine energy transmissions
  • Personal healing sessions with your student guide
  • Heart Linkups in pod consciousness
  • Multidimensional clearing of your Creation Body & alignment to your Creator Nature

to shape shift your inner reality, energy and consciousness and align as one with your Creative Passion & Sacred Fire so you may create your life with the power of your Divine Presence and your Soul's gifts!

Being touched by the love, light & power of your Divine Presence truly changes your world forever. As you surrender yourself to birth a new way of being through the metamorphosis of your inner world, you empower your evolution. When your inner self transforms, you co-create a new world!