Anaan Ysmaël Kumara


Blessings divine ones and welcome into the light and frequencies of the beloved Anaan, my divine presence. In my inner path, through my mission and the teachings I am giving in this life, here on Earth and in others realms, know that I feel truly honored to be part, as a mumara, of this Sanura pod for the Self Mastery School of Creation.

Before explaining, on a deeper level, the gifts I am offering to this program, I would like to give you an insight of the path I have been manifesting so far in this world. First of all, you might have noticed it already through my expressions (in this way be indulgent with my writing!) I was born and raised in France and if I did live for more than 15 years in numerous countries around the world, for the past 2 years I moved back momentary in this country and more precisely in Brittany, which is the west Celtic part of France. In spite of all the workshops and retreats I am giving around the world, I like to come back, as much as possible, into the crystalline energies of the retreat place of my beach-house closed to the magical sites of the Broceliande forest (Merlin woods) and the megalithic Carnac’s alignments. Those Elementals, ancestors and crystalline energies are creating a beautiful and intense energetic field which resonates deeply into my structure and my actual mission path. For instance, they help me to integrate, express and manifest all the experiences and beauties this world is offering me through my travels and mission to transmute them into the creative flows that I am manifesting since my childhood.

In this life, creativity has been one of the divine flows which help me to move forward, grow and prosper. I learnt music when I was 9, then, because of some health problems, I took dance classes to develop my back muscles and became a ballet dancer for 10 years while I was taking Art History courses at the Beaux-Arts school in Paris. I studied photography at the Visual Arts School in New-York and studied film and communication in Los Angeles at UCLA. Moving to Spain I created a clothing line with computer imprint on them and started to create numerous drawings I was selling to tattoo makers before I started to create light seals and drawings 5 years ago just after my awakening experience when I was living in Canada.

Truly, I was not at all consciously prepared for this journey! I was living at that time a material life and didn’t know anything about Light masters or channeling. But then, one morning in June 2004, as I was waking up in my studio in Montreal, all of my divine insight came alive! Since then I am daily living, through conversation and visualization, with my presence and the light masters, on this path that drastically changed my life. From this morning in June 2004, for a period of 2 months, I have been trained intensely in unified Christic and Buddhist energies by the Illuminated masters of Shamballa, and masters from other realms or universes, to get ready to teach, in September 2004, the program I am now giving all around the world about the “Sacred Breath”.

The Sacred Breath program, given in 4 initiations (the term initiation, used in this context, means « to reveal to the initiate a new way of life, a view on things as they are in the present moment and in its radiance”), is bringing to the students numerous divine tools as seals, meditations, mantras and exercises which lead you to manifest the exponential divine love frequencies of your sacred heart, the unification with your divine presence, your permanent connection to the Great Central Sun and the manifestation of your state of divine being into the Sacred Breath’s flows.

The Sacred Breath program and my keepership, regarding the celestial heart gateways of sound, place me into the frequencies of divine creation through sounds, and therefore through the Sacred Breath, to manifest all frequencies of the new divine plan into humanity’s new consciousness and reality.

Truly, the awakening process is like a blossoming flower you need to nourish with the flows of your sacred heart, day after day, breath after breath, accepting your incarnation here, all of your experiences, and in the same time the realities of other multidimensional worlds and existences you are carrying in your inner universe. This is Grace by itself! Also I should say that the most profound experience I have been living since this awakening, apart from the one regarding the constant fusion with my so beloved divine presence and the radiance and presence of the celestial light masters, archangels, elementals and goddesses, is the ecstatic state of total Love fusion I live each time I am called to join and melt into Kamura, the Great Central Sun’s sacred heart frequencies. This is heaven on earth! And it is each time an experience of Love’s vacuity, difficult to describe through words which is progressively totally changing my consciousness, my frequencies, my behaviors and structure.

Anaan Ysmaël

As I mentioned at the beginning of this presentation, my mission is now leading me also to endorse the status of mumara for the Self Mastery School of Creation, and so I am fulfilling this new adventure with Joy and in the Grace of the gifts I have carried and developed through this path and those are the 7 primary gifts I am now offering you for this program:

Love, divine unconditional Love. Constantly bathing in Christic energies, and under the teachings of Lord Sananda, it is really my main goal and focus to diffuse this pure energy all around, to welcome anyone and help you to open up to this divine flow which is changing totally your life, perceptions and reality, bringing divine unification and oneness in all of your energetic field, the singing in your soul and the Joy in the divine presence that you are.

Peace. Bathing also in the Buddhist frequencies through, especially the assistance and teachings of the Buddhas: Gautama, Maitreya and Avalokitesvara, divine Peace is a Grace that is transmuting your emotions and thought forms. My task here is to welcome you into those flows, to ease you, support you and help you to manifest this Peace into your reality. Peace helps you also to step back and apprehend everything with more ease.

Harmony. Among others, the unification of those Christic and Buddhist energies is manifesting the end of all forms of dualities and the unification of your multidimensional state. This divine harmony manifests from the Source of my heart, in resonance with your own Source and Harmony, will support you and help you to go deeper into your oneness and manifest it in all that you are.

Creativity. When you are bringing Joy and Love into yourself, the divine flows of creation are flowing in every aspect of your life. I will be truly glad to assist you to manifest your inner gifts in the opening of your heart, in connection with the Great Central Sun of your sacred Heart, to illuminate the world around you and change forever your reality.

Guidance. Guidance is one of the main purposes of my mission in this life. Not to ask you to do things but to give you some guidance through your own choices, inner knowledge and feelings in this path of creation.   

Attention. It is through total attention, or should I say dedication or service, to others that I can really help you without interfering in your path, being deeply aware of all energies or unconscious frequencies you are manifesting to help you reaching your goals more easily.

Listening. Since my awakening, I am living and I am bathing constantly within the magical inner Silence of the Buddhas. The Silence is a natural transition to be able to go beyond your mental and emotions, to be able to hear the singing of the Great Universe and to observe all realities. It is through this observation that rises up the listening of all. To listen completely, to listen to what you say and what you mean, to listen to the language of all the signs and frequencies you are emanating is helping me to go beyond your inner language, right into your divine essence and multidimensional state.

In a matter of fact, all those primary gifts could be summarize under the term of the divine Compassion as it is from the Compassion of the Christ and the compassion of the Buddhas that I am really fulfilling this mission and wish to support Gaia and this humanity on its transmutation path. In the divine events we are living, I couldn’t but participate and share the divine tools I am carrying through centuries into the flow of this karmic cycle to help you into your realization and throughout this program.

From the Light in my Heart, I wish you all infinite Love, divine Peace and celestial Harmony, specifically to you who are integrating the Self Mastery School of Creation’s training. Blessed be. Blessed be. Blessed be.

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