El'tara Sri'ta Mahatma


Beloved ones, my name is El’tara Sri’ta Mahatma, I welcome you on a sacred journey of self-discovery, graced by gentle infusions of light and love. I embrace you with deep transmissions of love through my Lotus heart which flow through me by the grace of my Divine Presence and the over lighting masters of this Mystery school.

I may assist you with these powerful transmissions, in the Self Mastery School of Creation, aligned with the inner earth realms. I am able to assist you to open your heart and mind and be guided with loving grace to expand your connections to the divine currents pouring forth at this time.

It is my absolute pleasure to be working with you in the realms of love, light and power, offering my support and guidance for you to receive assistance with the training program of the Self Mastery School of Creation.

My deepest wish is that all beings know the experience of loving grace in their lives. You will feel the essence of life breathe through you with gentle kindness and guidance, enabling you to heal wounds with a true inner knowing that you are a being of light and love, connected to all things, illuminated in your soul with the empowerment of your own Divine Presence.

As a Mumara in this Self Mastery School of Creation I will assist and support you with the deep transformational attunements the Self Mastery School offers. I will gracefully guide you to your own knowing of your divine self helping and encouraging you to clearly see, where this is needed. Through this work in divine presence you are offered an opportunity to receive loving transmissions of the light of the Great Great Central Sun aligning you with your own inner light and the heart of mother earth.

I invite you into the grace of the over lighting masters on this amazing journey of Self Mastery into your awakened consciousness. This opportunity is an incredible gift to all, if this be your heart’s guidance.

Thirty-three years ago, at the age of 19, I opened to the experience of meditation on light and love whilst I lived in the ashram of my teacher. I dedicated myself to meditation and in the form of satsang I have shared about my experiences of deep transformational love. I have assisted others to open to their own body of light and understanding their connection to source.

I am truly grateful for the transmissional work and guidance I have received from Sri’ama Qala over the past 13 years. Through her teachings I have gained much incite and understanding of my soul, and chakra’s and their alignment with source and I have gained a greater awareness of my interdimensional connections, opening my communications with the enlightened realms. I also love participating in the group consciousness work she is able to guide myself and others through. I have known Lelama Sjamar for at least 17 years. Lelama is able to facilitate deep transformational healing for my souls healing and understanding. I am honoured to be working with both Sri’ama Qala, Lelama Sjamar and the other divine Mumara’s in this divine Self Mastery school of Creation

Currently I live in the Byron Bay Shire of NSW, Australia in a community of people who are dedicated to live more consciously on the planet. I am blessed to be living in an environment of clean air, sacred mountains and near lush coastal beaches, where I am actively involved with setting up a sustainable community. I enjoy the close friendships that have developed over the twenty years of living here. I love being in a circle and share openhearted communication with women and their daughters on the new moon or with beloved friends for full moon where we may sing into the early hours of the night. On a weekly basis I facilitate a singing group playing my drum or crystal bowl as we open and sing to the divine in a sacred circle.

I have given birth to two special boys at home with close friends supporting me. My sons grew up living in the rainforest, in tipis, enjoying the freedoms of nature. I am now a very fortunate woman to have three beautiful granddaughters, Bella (Beauty) Sophia (wisdom) and Faith.

My creative expression and love of people merge in a clothing range that I design and sell at the wonderful markets in the Northern New South Wales.

I love growing herbs and flowers and communing with the bird and insect realms, as I sing to mother earth my love and gratitude for all I know and receive in this moment in this life. I love to sit in presence and bathe in the inner light realms on a daily basis. I love to swim and ride the waves in our clear clean waters.

El’Tara has the gift of moving forward when all looks impossible... by grace... enabling her to receive and transmit codes of deep purifying love’ —Master Kathumi

Many years ago I merged in love and light with the creator. From this space of complete surrender I witnessed the immense amount of love that I, and all around me are supported in. During a 5 month period following this experience I felt waves of love coming to me from all beings and waves of great love coming from me to all around me. I had surrendered to love. I witnessed the perfection of every situation and conversation and I could see the humour of our limited perception. This place of surrendered love was the greatest moment of my life. I surrendered into love and light and I was transported to the inner planes where I met with three enlightened Masters, Maitreya, Metatron and Melchizedeck. Since this time I am receiving channeled guidance from the enlightened master realms. My Divine Presence is aligned with The Mahatma, Elohim, Enlightened Master realms, the Archangels, Mother Earth and Mother Gaia and has come through Sanura, the Great Great Central Sun and the star gateways of Venus, Andromeda, Orion, Pleiades and Sirius.

From this deep connection with the purifying vibration of love and light the stream of work my Divine Presence offers to the world is birthing Transformational healing through opening to the new divine frequencies and teaching’s on earth and assisting other’s to align through love to their golden light presence.

Diamond Light Body Attunements

As a practitioner I work with the diamond light body and the 33 chakra system of Divine Presence, assisting the mental, physical and emotional balance of individuals. Divine Presence works through me with sound and light frequencies.

Sacred Sound is a gift I have been working with for over 13 years. High frequency transmissions are able to flow through me through sounding with an open heart whilst receiving light transmissions from the higher realms and aligning with the earth core. This way I am able to assist a person to ground more fully into the beloved mother earth, awakening the repair of their emotional mental and physical bodies and creating an alignment to their Divine Presence.

These are powerful personal sessions which empower the individual consciousness to have more understanding of their light body, chakra systems and their connections to the greater alignment throughout our universal planes.

Scenar Sessions

As a registered nurse I work part-time in a doctor’s practice as a Scenar Therapist with a biofeedback instrument called a Scenar. The Scenar assists the body to heal itself, through electromagnetic activation of the natural frequencies in the body. While I open the field of light and grace of my Divine Presence, I witness great transformations of healing for the 50 client’s I assist each week with this instrument.


Code System

I have been guided by a team of masters to draw a system of codes for the healing of the Pathways of the Respiratory System. Each code is an activated template which facilitates the receiver’s light body to release energies and patterns, releasing grief and old elementary codes so an individual may breathe more filaments of light through their lung passages and cells for their health and well being. These can be assisted through codes of sounded Mantra. Singing the mantra for each code activates the code and assists with the light body attunement. Whilst singing these mantras, heightened energies may be felt and an altered state of awareness may be perceived.

During The Self Mastery School of Creation you will be guided in an activated drawing temple, to draw your own Sacred Art. This will assist you to transform energy for yourself and for others.

Blessed be,
El’Tara Sri’ta Mahatma


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