Isheeni Wachenewanika Eshwah


Isheeni lives between the notes of music scores, that lift the heart of humanity, and open thy wings to fly beyond to the magic of the world of make believe, to the dreaming, where every moment is opening night, anticipating magnificence.

Our heart feeling we say, is to remember in times of intensity and change to look up and see/feel/know the sun is shining on you. To remember the light on your face is a reflection of who you are. That now is the moment of power – in this moment - you can be all you are meant to be - It is this, your responsibility to humanity, to let your light shine, dear heart.

When play arises amongst the seriousness of thy mindful thoughts, go deep within to thy heart, it is there you will find the new way and so to dance in the rain – cleanse your brow - rebirth yourself your way - we are waiting for you to arrive, we await you to live thy dream, and we are here to hold you. We are here to dance with you. As you bend like a reed in the wind deeply anchored into mother earth you shine brightly.

Many beings walk around holding old, old, old memories, it is these memories that a soul meets here, these memories can block the heart and create a soul to close down here and not fulfill their life. 

We honor each and every part of you on your journey.
We are here to assist and support the awakening,
Assist all beings to open themselves 
To release themselves to dissolve these stories
And to allow your whole presence, mastery and dreaming to be felt here. 

It is this divine wish for humanity to powerfully realize we are divine creators and to live in this incarnation fulfilling our life here on earth. To understand creating ourselves in every moment gives power to all our dreaming... As gaia is our witness…our wish is for all to fully anchor ourselves on this planet in this lifetime, offering all mastery of all parts of our multi-dimensional self, in every moment in love and light and wisdom... Living our dream.

Isheeni‘s peace and the natural world is to be her most profound spiritual experience - 
In truth her journey has been enormously feeling, experiencing mammoth moments of transformation, release and integration, deep embodiment - levitation, and one with the muma Gaia, the Ancient Ones - so altered in every way. All this has transformed her eyes to see the profundity of creation, the beauty of the fire fly, the water lily, the first breath of the first morning light, the veil peach light dusk fall, the magic of Avatar oneness - all this is profound and a real experience for her. She is a spiritual mother and in truth anchoring presence.  

Isheeni‘s gifts are many and diverse like the many birds that fly…
The poetry of word, play, color and senses, healthy mind body and spirit, creating sacred spaces…
Her deep appreciation of the arts has led her to have many successful opportunities and a theatre career, in this enormous field of creation in her life. Her passion to be all she can be led her to numerous Natural Therapy modalities and parapsychology, until she found home in performing Sacred Temple Style Ka Huna bodywork – Her intention is to inspire others to follow their dreaming. Beautiful beings, coming from all over the planet, arrive at her door to experience this extra ordinary work. 
Being the caretaker of her patch of land on Crystal Bay in Newport, the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia makes her heart sing. She shares this space with her beloved Louis Golden Heart and 2 felines, possums, bandicoots, owls, dragonflies, bats and bird life beyond any sanctuary! Her worldly travels and heartfelt connection with all aboriginals on the planet is deep with her compass now set for Africa.

The embrace of children in her warm heart she loves, and her dream of birthing in this way was unrealized. The deep wounds of many lifetimes of this story of grief she carried around in the stillness of her eyes… Finally these stories now resolved understood and completed, liberated her into birthing more of herself in this life time - joy joy joy...

Surrender to trust in faith, continual spiritual dedication, and anchoring god presence through lifting her frequency each moment to see the beauty surrounding her… as every thing was a blessing… a conduit of positive manifestation… brought her to this place of joy.
Surrendering the mind to the greater plan that was to be uncovered by faith. Surrendering the mother dreaming, to birth her own children - bringing her to self realize, mothering and birthing creation in other ways just as fulfilling. 

With great will, she witnessed her mind, observing in mastery her belief systems and programs – deeply breaking all agreements - realizing that aspects and memories controlled her happiness throughout lifetimes past. Diligently clearing her field and meditating every day, discovering and trusting her own unique way of doing, offering clues to open more doorways to peace. Ancestral sound and drawing of codes and her councils assisted in the navigation through this deep healing. Offering this all to the great mother Gaia.

Her physical body was also to be honored in all parts of this journey. This was a multidimensional journey, the Ka Huna training together with her intense inner spiritual training held all bodies and the cells to release the veils further. The physical relaxed, Presence anchored and she felt present in the moment. Her vision changed, noticing deep shifts all around her.
All this work she had embraced revealed a blueprint of that which she carried like a cloak from lifetimes. This lifted by Qala’s mastery and the sacred sound of Yamala and Isheeni’s own presence…
The gifts of… grace filled her body, mind and soul, abundance flowed…   She became peace resonating through the field.

Her truth… she became the change she wanted to see in the world...  Peace.

As our outer world reflects our inner world, to create change we can surely begin with our selves. Resulting in deep honor, conscious thought, action and deeds for all that we meet.

In 2004 the Gaia Sacred Mystery School carried her to awaken the next level of dreaming and training as a seer, for this she is eternally grateful. Her never-ending love and gratitude for Qala Sri ama Phoenix and Amaya lives deeply.

Isheeni’s primary gifts known to her thus far, that she offers as a Mumara in the Self Mastery School of Creation come through her deep inner work with her Divine Presence and her Team of many Ancestral Mothers and Masters, the Dreaming Spirit, your dreaming Spirit, the Ancient Ones, Gaia, the Illumined Ones and Isheeni’s Divine Presence. They all support the soul to clear themselves with regards to their dreaming, their intention, their ancestry, chakras and voidal energy.

Isheeni holds a deep voidal frequency, the Ancestral sound. Her very developed energy field and large amount of SHA wo-man energy open the earth portal beneath you - the portal to the dreaming. Through this she takes souls on a deep transformational journey into the dreaming, supporting beings to open to, release and transform aspects of their multidimensional body.

Isheeni offers your body great healing and releasing to accept the beauty of the physical world, the majestic radiant possibilities – to embrace in complete excitement the path in the physical body, the miracles and wonder of this life. A spiritual experience…

Isheeni leads and facilitates…
Ceremonial dreaming journeys - These seasonal meditation ceremonies occur in group, in a sacred tipi space and in the Crystal Temple. This is profoundly altering journey work into Gaia’s heart and celestial realms, where your intention is the guiding light – As the earth portal beneath her opens she offers her gifts and channels meditations into the inner planes. These journeys can be felt deep with in, offering a great shift in your life.

Ka Huna - From her healing embrace of life, Isheeni offers motherly compassionate counsel and Ka Huna bodywork through the power of her Presence frequency, a space for many to understand and experience the depths of their evolutionary process with ease and embrace emotional release with grace, life lessons with directional flow and spiritual vitality.

As Keeper of the Stories of the Earth and Stars Isheeni is creating…

A channeled creation dreaming book with stories and sacred art for adults and children, holding the frequency of the 10 Archetypal god goddesses caretakers of the dreamtime, that star seeded the planet and the gift they gave to humanity. This book is being created in written and audio format.

A collection of Ancestral codes, Wisdom codes and Templates - Ancient Truths of 10 archetypal god/goddesses that support all souls on earth in their connection to the dreaming and the inner planes.

One day retreats focusing on clearing memories or stories from Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and Spirit Child - The Seasons – Elements & The 4 directions of the Winds.

Isheeni ‘s dream for the future is to understand the Dreaming Body and to have one of her stories made into film on the big screen.

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