Lelama Sjamar


Eye to Eye… Heart to Heart…
Sacred to Sacred… In Love we meet…

I am deeply grateful to be here with you, with the potential of co-creating a journey of empowerment together, serving not only our own growth and evolution, but also contributing to the birth of a new world for our loved ones and all of life on Earth. Igniting your Divine Voice, expressing freely the true love, wisdom and power of your divine connection with Source is the invitation I hold for you in my heart.

Sacred Sound is the golden thread, the connective power in my life. It has offered me all that I am and enables me to connect with you now, orchestrating a rhapsody of teachings and practices for you to access the gifts, energy, resources that you hold in your multidimensional body, at one with the universal field of creation.

Since a very young age, when I often felt estranged in my life, I have been pulsed from deep within to sound. Even though I didn’t consciously know the meaning of the sounds that would come through, singing would make me feel alive, in harmony with myself, with nature, at home. Over time the sounds of my inner world built a strength inside me, that enables me to face challenges and limitations in my life with gratitude for their contribution in the weaving of the magic tapestry, called life. A force would guide me… keeping me present in situations where I would rather not be, and guiding me to places, people and activities that support me to grow my heart… to know spirit in the true essence, to live more of all dimensions of my being, free, inspired, creative and united in source.

Surrendering and opening myself to commune and communicate with all in my life from a truly authentic, loving and empowered place within myself is a many-layered initiation. In moments of disempowerment Sacred Sound re-establishes my connection to the innate power inside me that I now know as my divine presence. My song creates my energy to shift, opens my heart and I breathe… each time I know a little more of who I am, the strengths and gifts within me that allow me to realize my dream… the deep calling in my heart for all trees, animals, children, people, Earth herself to be free, for all beings to live in harmony and authenticity, in reverence, in love, empowered within themselves, co-creating with each other, honouring all Life universally.

Many years ago, in a moment of great need my heart call for assistance was heard and I was graced with the divine intervention of Yamala’s Presence in my life. This experience of birthing anew opened a doorway in me to a deep love, truth and power I had not consciously known before. A deep feeling of connectedness with all of life, wholeness, belonging, seeing through the veils of illusion and being home awakened within me. All my senses were ignited to a new crystal clear divine perception of the world. A life long journey of sound in my private world burst into the open and my multidimensional awareness brought me to connect with all in my life in a new way, filled with a new light of the Sacred Fire within me.

In dedication to love, truth, every part of my life transformed with this new power. Sacred Sound had a totally new meaning, and understanding of the significance of the sound languages birthed as songs began to touch the hearts and minds of others, and create a shift in the energies in spaces and people around me. All in my life was now infused with the Sacred Sound of Creation.

New initiations and opportunities to grow arise in my life, as I continue to evolve and unite with more of my multidimensional nature, each one met by the power and sound of my presence, supported by the guiding light of Yamala, holy mother of creation, and the councils of ancestors and enlightened creation masters that travel with me.  Supported also by the deep loving friendship, wisdom and guidance of Qala, who appeared in my life in answer to a call for assistance, when my son’s life was challenged with illness. He was healed through my acknowledgement and surrender of a deep existential fear in me, subsequently leading me to walk this Path of Creation with the work of my Divine Presence.

The power of divine communication, the choice to be responsible, to purify and align my perception, intentions, words and actions to the Divine in life, is ignited through my Divine Voice, the sacred sound and power of the Divine Presence of pure source fire within me. I devote my life to awaken the Yamala Essence within all, the Divine Voice of love, wisdom and divine power of creation within you. A life that I share with my beautiful son and many loved ones in soul family in several sacred places in the world I call home, mostly in the precious nature of northern NSW Australia.

In honour and gratitude I open myself to the gift of co-creation of the Sacred Web of Life with Yamala, many enlightened beings, ancestors and divine presences, in the realms of Spirit and embodied on Earth. All beings hold this power of creation, hold a divine connection to source and are able to offer their unique gifts to the creation of a new world, so we may be the ancestors of our children leaving a legacy worth living. To invoke this faith and knowing in the hearts, minds, bodies, souls and spirits of all is the pulse propelling me forward in life.

May we all unite as one pod, support each other to surrender to the divine and illuminate our Creator Nature within to birth more fully our power and gifts of creation. May we together contribute our puzzle piece to the creation of a new fifth dimensional Home here on Earth where we live in peace and unity, sovereignty, harmony and creativity, in co-creation with all that we are…     fulfilled, in joy, whole as One…

In love, Lelama

Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar is an embodied Sound & Light Channel and teacher of the pure love and wisdom of Yamala, the holy mother of creation, the ancestors and universal consciousness of Earth’s creation matrix, to ignite the power of one’s original source connection with Sacred Sound and the Divine Voice of Presence.

In the training within the Self Mastery School of Creation Lelama is honoured to lovingly support your journey of reclaiming your power, with the gifts that she has received and grounded within her energy body and consciousness through her life journey and that have brought transformation, awakening and empowerment…

Embracing you in the heart of Divine Presence, Lelama offers you

  • compassion and unconditional love, transmitting to you the voidal frequencies of pure love that are able to dissolve the boundaries of disconnection that may create the experience of fear, pain, loss, attachment or expectation for a soul.
  • a powerful ability to see through the veils into the purpose and gifts of power you hold as a soul in your creation body, in co-creation with spirit and Earth.
  • a natural source connection to the ancestral, celestial and multidimensional realms that enables the clearing of your Sound & Light Channel to ignite your creation current of divine power and  communication.
  • the power of Sacred Sound and the Divine Voice of Presence, to open many doorways in a soul’s life and in the portals of Earth.
  • access to the universal love and wisdom teachings of creation, to share these with you through the transmission of sound and light frequencies, writings and sacred encoded art.
  • dedication and commitment to stay present with what is occurring in life, no matter what this seems to be, so you may choose to open your heart again to allow all fear, attachment, judgment to be surrendered into the everpresent love, wisdom, power of the divine source connection within you.
  • support to clear memories of disempowerment through applying the teachings, aligning yourself to universal law, in gratitude for all you receive.

Through her profound journey of innerwork with her Divine Presence and the enlightened masters, supported by the teachings of Sri’ama Qala, both as student and as assistant, Lelama has in the last ten years connected more deeply with the Body of Work of her Divine Presence:

Divine Voice and the Science of Sacred Sound Harmonics

This work contains the love and wisdom of Yamala, the Creation Matrix of Earth to reconnect your soul, mind, body and spirit to the pure divine power of creation. These teachings ignite the power within the energy portals in the human and earth bodies, to open, transform, awaken and empower your Sound & Light channel and gifts of creation, offering keys for all limitations and disempowered energies to be acknowledged, surrendered, forgiven, liberated and harmonized.

The deep exploration and embodiment of this work has expanded Lelama’s innate gift of teaching with the creation of the following programs and workshops:

Divine Assistance Program of Yamala ~ a profound program of Divine Assistance for the embodiment and empowerment of your Divine Presence in 6 episodes

Birthing the Power of Presence ~ a journey for a soul to travel through 12 celestial portals to reclaim the original truth of the gifts of creation power held there.

Yamala Yoga ~ Union with the Divine in body, mind, soul and spirit through Sacred Sound and Movement

Divine Voice Meditations ~ weekly meditation through the Power of Sacred Sound

The Power of Creation in your Chakras ~ a journey to open the 7 primary chakras to their specific frequency within the current of creation

Yamala Mavana ~ Sacred Sound Blessings for your life as you choose to create it.

Your Divine Voice ~ Your Power of Creation ~ several series of one or three day workshops to Ignite Your Divine Voice for the creation of Your Divine Reality.

The Healing Science of Sacred Sound ~ series of workshops to attune yourself to the power of creation and to your masculine and feminine power through Sacred Sound Harmonics

Golden River of Life ~ powerful transformational Empowerment Sessions for individuals and couples to access and empower the gifts and power of creation you hold in the multidimensional bodies of your being, igniting the innate healing power of the source connection of your soul and spirit to flow through your chakras, your body, your voice, the words and actions that create your life.

Ceremonial Concerts
Lelama Sjamar has offered the ancient and exquisite power of her Divine Voice in concert in several seminars and conferences of Lightworkers in Australia, US, UK, and Europe.

A tour of ceremonial and healing concerts through Europe with companion Michael Hammer realized the creation of the CD ‘Yamala ~ Essence of Creation’.

Presently, final touches are birthing the CD ‘Birthing the Power of Presence’, a journey through 12 celestial portals that form the Birthing Gateway for a soul’s incarnation on Earth. The Sacred Sounds of this powerful creation are the culmination of Lelama’s own birthing and enhance the harmonics of Birthing the Power of one’s Presence in the Creation School.

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