Ocha Shanamaya Sheehan


We invite you to sit beside the fire of creation beloved, and know that this is also the fire of Gaia burning within you. From the ashes of your old creation arises the new creation, for nothing is lost beloved, of your creations in life, we say to you, for all of your creations are sacred here on Earth.

See the rose from which the fires burn; this is the rose of love that sits in the very core of Gaia for you, for always the love of Gaia supports your creations every step of the way. And we are all here for you, we are all here to be your witness for all that you are in all of the forms that you are we say, for all your forms are celebrated here in the ancestral realms.

We love you and we support you in each step that you take through the soles of your blessed feet on the ground of your life. We speak to you all through this study year, bringing to you new understandings of who you are and your relationship to Mother Earth. Give yourself time now to receive our blessings. Feel the rose petals of Gaia’s heart bless your heart with her abiding love


We offer to you a reconnection to your ancestral self, beloved, and the grounding of your whole being through the Earth, for this is where you belong while in physical form. Feel the strength that this brings to you, the releasing of all of your fears of being fully present here in physical form. For we say to you that your physical form is the most sacred expression of spirit, of your celestial self. We invite you to awaken once again to heaven on earth as you may have done in ancient times, beloved, and as you release all of the old stories held within your Akasha, and anchor your being into the realms of Earth, so you make way for the grace and love within, for your relationships in life, your creations, your purpose and your abundance.

This is our work with you, and the ascended masters, and all of the kingdoms of Gaia, through ancient mantras, toning, readings of your Akashic records that are held within your chakras, and transmissions of healing frequencies and messages from your Divine Presence.

We bless you and thankyou
Ocha Shanamaya Sheehan

My heart wish for humanity is for each one of us to realise heaven on earth within ourselves through our opening to the wonder and beauty of the Earth, and by our remembering of who we are. Through remembering our starry heritage, and embracing the purity of the Earth, we recognise the perfection that has been here all along, and in this sacred recognition, grow the new world and all of its wonders, where happiness and love are the order of the day, and our self expression is in the flow with all above and all below. Blessed be.

I live in Byron Bay on a rural property with sweeping views across forests and fields to the sea, and to Mount Wollumbin and Mount Chincogen, both sacred sites in this area. This is a place traditionally to receive and review the law of the land, that is, the law of Mother Earth, and so it is a meeting place, and we see this every day as many people from all over the world come to visit. I so enjoy this.  I love travelling to sacred places, connecting to the earth in group, sharing our soul gifts together in service for Gaia, and rediscovering soul family. Watching movies I adore (The Matrix series is my absolute favourite), and working in the forest and floodplains with others, reconditioning the land back to its sparkling divine self.

My most profound experience with spirit was the first time that I embodied the Ancestral Crystal Mother of Uluru in 2005. Even though so much more has occurred since then, this continues to have a special place in my heart, because it was also my first sacred journey, and I did not think at all that I would be channelling a divine being. For a long time I had worked with the Earth as a national park ranger, wetland ecologist, environmental educator and land use planner. So up until then, my relationship with the Earth was scientific and somewhat bureaucratic, although always devoted in my service to the planet.

I was sitting in ceremony under Uluru, with two experienced friends, feeling like I was wasting my time as I felt nothing of the sacred frequencies that were pulsing through my friends. My friends knew that something had been triggered from deep within me that was calling for my acknowledgement and release now, and so they guided me to allow these memories to show themselves. In this space of love, I was able to face them and let them go, and my heart stretched out to the possibilities of a whole new connection to the Earth here.

Then I began to feel my whole body expanding, yet growing so heavy, and my face became deeply furrowed, ancient, and my mouth was large and purposeful; it was hard to talk, because I was like a quartz crystal. Slowly the words came through the craggy mouth, words of wisdom, and I had a knowing that I had become embodied by an ancestral crystalline mother.

She was as big as a mountain – her body was Uluru's body, but much bigger than the physical Uluru, for she held the energy body of this sacred place. She held the purest, unconditional love and awareness of humanity, no judgement at all, and her being was stirring with this sudden connection to my friends. My friends were as tiny specs, standing above the surface of the earth, talking to this great being, as if each were completely equal, which they were. They asked her questions, and she spoke of ancient times, when the starry ones came to Uluru, when Uluru's body was much bigger than it is today, and she had some advice about this.

This information and sacred connection was my puzzle piece for fulfilling our group's purpose there, for to do this, we needed to work with the guardian keepers of Uluru, to be in service to them and their purpose. And now I had experienced first hand their presence in the land, and this gave me joy beyond measure. Here meets science and spirit, and together they merge within me, in sacred service to Gaia and humanity. Blessed be.

Keys and Services I offer

Wisdom Keeper of the Keys of Manifestation and Abundance
It is through my intimate heart connection with Gaia, the Ancestral Masters, Angels, Archangels and other Enlightened councils, and my Divine Presence that I am able to work deeply through the earth's portals, balancing and harmonizing the energy currents that flow through me, so all life may receive the abundance of Gaia. As Wisdom Keeper of the Keys of Manifestation and Abundance, I assist you to release the old and embrace the new, grounding your divine masculine and divine feminine, realigning your family line to your hearts dreaming, and fully grounding your soul to support you to freely express yourself on Earth. The keys are offered through live teachings that you can find on my website.

Earth Service
In service to Mother Gaia, her councils and humanity, I travel to the earth's sacred portals to restore balance and harmonise the great currents of love, light and creation that flow within the matrix of her being. This is done in group, as each in the group holds a puzzle piece for the earth healing, and each receives a key to their own healing. See website for schedule of events.

Personal Akashic Record Keeper Reading and Healing - Opening You to your Higher 
The Akashic Records are an encoded library of knowledge holding the complete history of the cosmos along with every soul's individual experiences throughout all time. These records are held in the non-physical planes like a compendium of all our previous incarnations. The Akasha may be accessed and read by those holding the sacred gift of the Record Keeper. As an Akashic Record Keeper, I move into a higher vibrational state to attune to your unique energy matrix and am able to access your own personal Akasha.

If you hold unresolved energies from previous life times, these can be effecting your experience now, creating limitation through one or several areas of your life.

If you're struggling to move through an issue in your life or repeatedly experience any limitations or obstacles, despite your efforts to change, then it is likely that the original cause of this lay bound within your Akasha.

You may have made very ancient, but powerful contracts and agreements in a past life that may have served you once, but now limit you, as your soul and the earth's consciousness have evolved, and you are being called from within to grow beyond this. To release these I source the core cause record that created this and guide you through a contract breaking process that will liberate your soul from the past, freeing you on many levels. Through sacred mantra, toning, divine transmissions and messages, and working with the Karmic Board, you are supported to release the past with ease and grace, and to receive new encodements of energy for your next step in life.


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