Sri'ama Qala

Sriama Qala

I welcome you into my heart! Teaching all around the world has been a deep blessing in my life. My journey with meeting so many unique souls has led me to an even deeper level of faith in humanity, in God and our path as caretakers of our Earth. I have been blessed with many gifts that can assist you in small and large ways if your heart calls you to spend time with me, or in training with the Enlightened Masters through this school or any other program I have co-created with Presence.

The last 12 years of my life has been an amazing journey of creation with Presence and prior to this, I was unaware any of this was possible for a human being. I was like a child, lifted by the Holy Father as I birthed into a new world of light and then passed to the holy Mother to be held as I melted and met true love for the first time in my lifeā€¦ not dependent on any being, just the love permeating through the field, God’s breath in all of life.

Dedicating my life to Presence and my training, 14 years ago, shape shifted me in a way where I was unrecognizable to myself, although my essence and love remained the same. The transition was quite remarkable, even still to this day, unfathomable in some ways. What has changed? I have simply accepted that the Presence of God is not separate from myself and I accept this Presence is always there, and I can always give what this Presence wishes to give.

I have continued this path of dedication to love, to being in Presence, and from this, created many wonderful projects and programs of new education and many amazing learnings that have all been food for my evolution. A beautiful soul family has come into my life, growing larger day by day through the sharing of deep encounters and the sharing of many divine experiences with those who are drawn by their Presence to journey with me, and others, in exploration with Divine Presence.

I am Australian, yet feel any place in the world could be my home, and it often is. Travel has led me to planetary service with the portals of the Earth and one of my greatest passions, apart from the chemistry of the brain and its relationship to consciousness, is the planetary and celestial portal system. I love to travel through the portals into the Temples and travel into other realms of light, just as much as I love to write and create new experiences. The sacred mystery/self mastery schools have given me a depth with my own journeying, and offered me a vehicle to share more of the gifts that my Presence and The Enlightened Masters hold for humanity. Every pod has birthed me to a new level of myself and expanded my consciousness to embrace new ways of being. Creating a school offers me a deeper level of creation as the creation process takes 18-20 months of my focus from the time of preparing the design of the school, birthing the new teachings, and to managing the school and all aspects of the trainings. It is a deep and very purifying endeavour and as the teachings are freshly sourced for the highest level of personal and planetary healing and transformation, they attract the most dedicated and wonderful people to receive them. My greatest joy in it, is witnessing the changes in all who give themselves to the journey and process, and the reunion of members of the pod at the keepership retreat where one truly is able to see and experience the beauty of the power of creation in each birthing Presence. The school takes a great deal of focus and it is this witnessing of birthing Presences that creates the deep focus needed for 18-20 months to be truly worth it. If you are considering becoming a member of the pod, I can only say, your Presence and Higher Consciousness will do 50% of the training for you and although it is new, full of new concepts and powerful, you will deeply enjoy it as long as you remember you are not alone, doing it.
Bless You! All my love, Qala

About Sri’ama Qala

Sri’ama Qala is an international teacher, author, and founding mother of The Divine University. Her primary mission work is to bridge humanity to the wisdom teachings, dispensations and visitations of the Enlightened Masters so they may be supported to enlighten their Divine Presence. Qala co-creates cutting edge transformational education programs based on love, through the power of her Divine Presence. Over the last 7-10 years, she has created 10 long term programs - The GRACE Program, The Self Mastery Program, The EASE Program, and 7 Sacred Mystery/ Self Mastery Schools plus hundreds of short teachings, healings or short term programs.

The project of creating new education was given to Sri’ama Qala by the Enlightened Masters in 1997 when through “divine intervention,” she received the “awakening of her divine heart” through a profound shift in energy and consciousness, via their visitations. She was told by the Enlightened Masters that she would leave university where she was studying and train with them in the Divine University of Light on Sirius and then open a school. She spent two years in hermitage with them traveling to Sirius and many other realms to study with them. Through each journey she made via deep meditation, her consciousness altered and after 2 years of full time focus with them, her gifts had activated and natural gifts as a divine teacher fully activated.

Since this time, she has taught in over 20 countries and trained several hundred people in long term (one year to 18 month schools/programs) towards the development of their divine connection or path with their Presence.

The most profound attribute of her extraordinary work is the breadth of the subject material covered, the purity of the frequency and energy shared through the programs, and the unusual phenomena that for every teaching session Qala offers, she births completely “new” material from what seems like an infinite body of wisdom for humanity’s evolution and personal transformation, creating a vast library of “new education”. In the loving presence of many Enlightened Masters, Archangels and Angels that accompany her on the path of supporting the many people who are ready to awaken, transform and enlighten their lives, Qala brings to her audiences, the love and guidance that is needed for their acceleration into the next step of their evolution.

Over the past ten years, Qala has travelled extensively to share the teachings, offering primarily 1, 2 or 3 week retreats or workshops with groups in France, India, Peru, Egypt, USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, Hungary, Switzerland, France, England, Bali and within Australia, her home. Qala is a mother and grandmother, and for the fulfilment of her heart, she shares that some of her most important work in the future, will be to work with the new children, developing new education that supports children’s true evolution and happiness here.

Her present charitable work is with the Celestial Project of The Divine University, which offers global meditations for the karmic clearing of the primary cities of our Earth. This is a 4 year project in support of the opening of Celestial Portals in cities, and humanity’s shift in consciousness through a gentle release of old karma from the collective.

Her recent book, Opening Our Spiritual Eyes, is a deep and profound journey into the Enlightened Master’s view about personal, family, collective and planetary karma and how every individual can make a very large impact through simple but powerful acts that lift karma from the Earth and from our families and communities, and personal energy bodies.

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