Your Invitation

We welcome your heart and soul to join us in pod connection over 1 year to receive the divine healing, transmissions and empowerment training of working in oneness with your Divine Presence within all of your creations. Take the time now, to call on your Presence and ask, the following three questions of your heart?

  1. Is it my path to illuminate my energybody and consciousness to become a co-creator of divine manifestions?
  2. Will this assist me to grow and replenish all aspects of my life, and support to create what I have come to give in this life?
  3. Is this path of co-creation with Divine Presence the highest path for me at this time in my life?

To manifest your life experience, your projects and lifejourney with the Power of your Divine Presence is a calling, you will only hear from deep within your heart beloveds. To give of yourself, the depth of love and choice to go within and receive empowerment, heal disempowerment and activate the power of creation is a multidimensional journey. This multidimensional journey is offered by the Enlightened Masters via the School of Creation and if this resonates and you receive the heart calling from within, you are simply asked are you willing to slow down all in your life, for one year to go within and receive your empowerment from your Divine Presence so you may enter the gateway in 2012 with this power activated.

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