Making a Choice

There are a variety of trainings and forms of education for the many beautiful aspects of our Spiritual Path in life. This training will only be right for you if your heart resonates with what has been shared in the information you are reading now. There are so many directions we may take in life, potentials or possibilities, and it is important to always listen within via your heart to know the truth for you, before making any decision.

Know also your guides are with you, and you may call on them to show you the path. To know if this training is truly the right one for you, and if it is positive for you to join this, to train this year, you may ask for three signs to come to you.

Invite clear signs from Spirit in regards to your question of whether this training will offer wondrous support and a high potential acceleration in your life. Just be aware that spirit shares its messages via others, via the environment and situations you are in. Spirit responds to your thoughts and ignites you to recognize what is the highest for you at any time you ask for this guidance.

Investing one year of your life in a dedicated way is the minimum amount of time a student needs to learn to use their energy and consciousness in a more masterful way. The higher initiations with Spirit on the spiritual path usually take between seven and twelve years to complete.

Some of you may have spent many years on this path, opening yourselves and reading materials written from the realms of Spirit or it may not have occurred through books, but more from the time you have spent in self reflection and making choices for a more peaceful life. Some of you may be new adventurers to this path but deep within, you feel a knowing and a resonance. This training will be right for you if you have been drawn to the spiritual path or the path of the heart, yet not yet grown and evolved in a profound way, or it has been some time since you have continued to evolve deeply or have grown into a "new you" that reflects your next step in self mastery.

The purpose of the Spiritual Path is evolution of your consciousness and energy, and this training is purposely designed to open Humanity to their true path of evolution, in Divine Presence.

May your previous investments in your life through your interconnection with Spirit be blessed, and may you be guided clearly on whether this is your next investment, and whether it is the right time now. Know if all that has taken place previously in your life and all that you have met and embraced with your loving heart, has fully prepared you for this next step, to fully train consciously with Spirit.

All our blessings to you! May the information offered be clear enough for you to know if this one year spiritual training is, or is not, the path ahead for you. We welcome all who resonate, to join us on this wonderful journey!!

All our love,

Sri'ama Qala and Lelama Sjamar

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