Your Heart Resonance

This may very well be the right school for you, if any of these are true for you!!!

  • If you are committed or wishing to be committed to your growth, evolution and transformation and hold the heart wish of opening to spirit in a profound way for not only your own transformation, but also to develop your self mastery of your life... as it offers you a sincere, genuine, deepening of spiritual contact with your self and other spiritual initiates of the path of Presence, and the enlightened teachers who care for all on their spiritual path.
  • If you are deeply interested in the raising of your inner fire, the power of creation, and in exploring the new paradigm of creation with the power of your Presence, based on unconditional love, freedom, self responsibility, non-judgement and unity, and wish to do this with the divine support of a masterful program designed to accelerate a soul on their path towards this heart dream.
  • If you are deeply guided by your heart that this training would highly benefit you and you would be willing to embrace your fears with the support offered through this training, to use your own personal power to create the most divine transformation of what does not truly serve you any more... and you are prepared to receive the assistance of the Masters from the spiritual realms to accomplish this.
  • If you are resonant with the teachings of the Enlightened Masters and love to meditate and transform your energy, or you are sincerely interested in this form of spiritual empowerment. If you wish to experience a deep connection to your Divine Presence and open, clear and activate the power of your Presence to flow through your chakras to create the empowerment and illumination of your self.
  • If you are dedicated to your spiritual path through your wish to trust Spirit to help you experience love and empowerment in this life, and you find that the tools and teachings you have been working with are not resonating any more, or that they are not enough to resolve your duality issues about your creations in life. This program will offer you amazing tools and practices that you have not experienced previously and that you may have not known were even possible to receive.
  • If you are ready to embrace the unresolved aspects of your soul and spirit with your heart so the deepest level of healing can occur within you, and you can ground the love deeply through your heart and through this love, experience peace and more presence and enlightened awareness here on Earth.
  • If you are ready to open yourself and dedicate time to your growth so you may transform within, the energies you carry that do not ignite the power of your Divine Presence to flow. To then learn to ignite this inner fire, creative energy through the power of your heart for the benefit of the illumination of your heart and your life endeavours. To then help others who are stuck on their path in life with empowerment issues and increase your empowerment through assisting others to raise into their empowerment.
  • If you love pioneering new frontiers and opening to the new paradigm here, exploring new ways of being and allowing yourself to gently transform and change to evolve as a whole, renewed being. If you love human evolution and energy and consciousness exploration.
  • If you have dreamed of a deeper level of contact with your Divine Nature and the expression of this, rather than the expression of the duality nature of Self. You may wish to explore this through energizing teachings and practices that focus their priority on each student having a direct experience and opening to the energetic process and experience of their own Power of Creation rather than a mental understanding or theory of How to create One's Reality.
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