Fees & Payment Options

Payment Options

There are two payment options available for students of the Self Mastery School of Creation;

  1. Full Payment — AU$4,200
    Full Payments before October 7th will receive our 'Early Bird' Special AU$3,900
  2. Installment Payments — AU$4,800
    (The Self Mastery School of Creation installment payments option incurs additional fees)

Registrations close 7th December 2011

Note for all previous students in the Self Mastery Program or the Self Mastery/Sacred Mystery School: Prior to registering for the Self Mastery School of Creation please email Rapheah at admin@theselfmasteryschool.com to receive your Registration Coupon.

Payment Methods

  1. Payment via Self Mastery School of Creation Web Site
    Registration and payment can be made directly here using our secure online payment facility with your credit card.
    secure online payment Secure Online Registration & Payments Here
  2. Payment by Credit Card on faxed or mailed Registration Sheet
    Download and complete the included registration form with signed credit card payment details. For those beings choosing part payments, their credit cards will be debited by our office of student administration on the dates indicated on the part payment plan below. Please ensure your credit card has sufficient funds for these transactions.
    registration Form Registration & Payment Form
  3. Pay by Australian Dollar cheque or Money Order
    (Australian customers only —  Full Payment option 1)
    Complete the included registration form and post with your payment (made out to Qala Sri'ama Phoenix) to Qala Phoenix P.O. BOX 242, Bangalow, 2479, NSW, Australia.
    registration Form Registration & Payment Form
  4. Payments can also be made by Telegraphic Transfer (Direct Bank Transfer) through a bank OR via Internet Banking through your own computer and bank account.
    (payment option 1 — Full Payment only)
    Download and complete the registration form. Please, supply your Bank with the following account details or enter these account details for Internet Banking.

    Amount of Payment: AU$4,200.00 (in Australian Dollars)
    Name on Account: Qala Phoenix
    Bank Name: ANZ
    Branch: Mullumbimby, NSW, 2482, Australia
    Bank Swift Code: ANZBAU3M
    Bank State Branch code (BSB): 012-742
    Account Number: 5218 05111

    Important for internet banking — Please type your name in the reference field during deposit so that this appears on the bank statement and identifies your payment claim. Otherwise your payment will not be able to be identified.

Self Mastery School Training Cancellation Policy

There will be an administrative fee of AU$250 charged for cancellations before 1st December 2011 to cover bank fees and administration costs. After this date, no refund will be paid as you are deemed to have commenced training once your self mastery package has been made for you.

Optional Payment in Installments

We are offering a part payment option for those that would prefer to pay by installment.

Please read and accept the following terms and conditions for payment by installments.

Terms and Conditions

  • Installment Payments are only available via credit card
  • This Self Mastery School of Creation installment payment method incurs an additional fee.
  • Your credit card will be automatically debited by Qala Phoenix on behalf of the Self Mastery School on the agreed intervals shown below.
  • Payment is to be made in four installments at 90 day intervals (3 month approx.)
  • By signing the credit card authorisation form OR utilizing the secure online payment method, you are accepting this payment structure and cancellation conditions.

1st installment of AU$1,500 is to be made upon registration before November 21st 2011

2nd installment of AU$1,100 paid at 90 days (3 months)

3rd installment of AU$1,100 paid at 180 days (6 months)

4th installment of AU$1,100 paid at 270 days (9 months)

  Option 1 Option 2
1st Installment AU$4,200 AU$1,500
2nd Installment N/A AU$1,100
3rd Installment N/A AU$1,100
4th Installment N/A AU$1,100
Total AU$4,200 AU$4,800

Contact Details

Self Mastery School Administration
Mailing Address: P.O Box242 Bangalow 2479 NSW Australia
Office Address: 3/12 Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay, 2481, NSW, Australia

Telephone: +612 6685 8658
Fax: +612 858 612
Email: admin@theselfmasteryschool.com

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