What is the Self Mastery School of Creation? The Self Mastery School of Creation is a one year online training in Self Mastery through Empowerment & Creation practices for the purposes of clearing and opening the Creation pathways and increasing one's experience of personal empowerment, passion for life, creativity and communion with Divine Presence. It is also a training for those who wish to become accredited practitioners of Sound and Light Healing.

When will the training start? 
The Self Mastery School of Creation will begin as the pod is filled in November 2011– December 2011 and will complete one year later in December 2012. The Sanura Pod is limited to 77 students from around the world.

How much time is needed each week for practice and study? 
It is recommended that a student be prepared to give their dedicated practices at least 7–8 hours per week if they wish to fulfill the core program of the school. Some students may be able to offer more time as a commitment to study and practice, and if extra hours are available each week, they may wish to train in the advanced program of the school. Each elective may add one or two hours a week to a student's commitments.

What will occur if I cannot keep up with my study commitments of 7–8 hours a week? Will I fail the course? There is no failure in this form of spiritual training. If a student does little or no practice, the energy centres and creation pathways will not clear and open and little change is likely to occur until the work is completed. All students will receive all the materials and training modules and if at any time they wish to slow down their training due to time constraints, they may choose to take a longer period to complete their training modules and may spend 18–24 months instead of 12 months with the training materials.

Students in previous schools have chosen this path due to personal circumstances that arose during their training, or simply because they felt they needed more time to nurture themselves through the training due to their busy schedules. A student must apply in writing to one of the teachers to receive an extension with regards to their personal sessions with their student guide and arrange for a suitable time period for completion. All modules that are purely based on audio, and printed materials or electronic newsletters, may be extended without permission. The only module that is not possible to be extended is the practitioner elective, as this needs to be completed within the one year as it involves a unique level of personal contact with the teachers.

What will I receive and go away with? 
You will receive a genuine transformation and a training for empowering aspects of your life you felt were unable to be empowered. You will receive a specialisation in an empowerment practice and learn to master disempowerment issues simply by raising your inner fire, rather than depressing it in times of challenge. You will receive a deepening of your divine connection and many gifts that you have not known were available to you. All who choose the module of practitioner training for training in the Empowerment practice, will also have the opportunity for accreditation. Your rewards and blessings will equal your willingness and dedication to transform. The teachers, student guides and delivery schedule are dedicated and designed to support each pod member in the highest possible way throughout the training.

How can this help me in my life? 
The training will support each student to align their consciousness to a greater flow and ease in all areas of life by developing their relationship with their Divine Presence. Ultimately with continued practice after many years, you will experience yourself as simply pure and blissful consciousness, in the state of Samadhi with Source, one with your Divine Presence, if this is your life choice. Until then, it will help you live life with your power so you are able to focus and clearly use your free will for the highest benefit, in accordance to your heart, and create with love!

Are there any prerequisites? 
The only prerequisite is to be reasonably computer literate, and also be willing to dedicate the minimum number of hours to cover the core modules within the training. Holding a deep interest in Spiritual Mastery and willingness to learn how to open yourself to receive divine energy, will be of great benefit also.

After one year's training, are there further studies to become an accredited teacher/ healer?
 Yes. After this initial year, new levels of the work will be available for students and practitioners to advance. Qala has developed many programs and a series of one year trainings that fulfil different purposes of accelerating one's evolution on the path of presence. The EASE program, GRACE program as well as many shorter programs, Sundarahs, God Presence retreats and Divine Presence retreats would be beneficial for you, as guided by your heart. Some students study with Qala for a period of 3–7 years to deeply accelerate on their path of presence and keepership. Some, such as her co-teachers who also teach in a state of Divine Presence, have studied with Qala for 10 years.

I am already a Practitioner or healer. Why would I join this school? 
If you are already trained in the field of Healing or Education and find that you are not yet experiencing complete empowerment to create and manifest the life you wish for, this training would assist this. Also, if you are not yet experiencing a deep communion with Source and your Divine Presence and still find yourself in disempowered states, this training will assist your Creation pathways to open more fully, and create your Power of Creation to flow through the pathways of your field of consciousness.

Is it important to attend the retreat? 
The Keeper Retreat will be offered in March 2013 to those students who have dedicated themselves to their practices and mastery during the training, in a way that has created them to open to and experience the frequency of their Divine Presence. These students will be offered a place in the 2 week keepership retreat for further development of their unique role as a keeper. The teachings, accommodation, food and airfares for the keepership retreat are not included in the cost of the one year training. This is optional but one of the most popular requests of all of Qala's Students is, 'When are you creating another Keepership Retreat?' This retreat is offered to all in the one year training who feel ready, excited and willing to take this next step, and if numbers permit, also to keepers who have already attended a retreat who wish to go to the next level with their keepership.

The 5 Day Empowerment Retreat will also be offered in 2013 in the same retreat centre as the Keepership Retreat, in the days prior to the Keepership retreat. Some students may be called to attend both retreats or only one of these retreats. Both retreats will offer something very unique and very special that will be remembered as a true completion of the school and pod experience.

Do I have to speak English?
Yes. It is important to have a fair command of the English language. It is primarily important that you understand English when you listen to it and that you can read it. If you cannot, the training will be more difficult as all audios and documents are offered only in English. In the Self Mastery School of Creation, we have one French Student guide who will specifically assist French speaking students who join the school.

Do I need an internet connection?
Yes. You will need an internet connection and we suggest that it be broadband due to the amount of material you will need to download and the speed of the connection that is best for this purpose.

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