The One Year Training

The purpose of the Self Mastery School of Creation is to educate and train students in self mastery and in the art of opening their Sound & Light Channel (Empowerment Channel) to their Divine Presence so they may co-create with the power of their Divine Presence via the Enlightened Master teachings.

This journey includes:

  • the self mastery and transformation of one’s energy and consciousness
  • deep levels of personal transformation via enlightening aspects of self
  • the philosophy and practice of co-creation with the power of one’s Divine Presence
  • expansion of higher self connection via igniting one’s source connection
  • powerful meditations, and receiving enlightened infusions of divine energy
  • the science of sacred sound
  • the science of multidimensionality
  • the creation of sacred art
  • recalibration and repatterning of one’s energy body

The one year school offers each student a journey to shape shift their energy and inner consciousness via a dedicated focus on frequency based inner work, developed and sourced through contact with the Enlightened Masters, the Ancestors and Mother Gaia.

This training also includes a loving exploration with others in your pod via the school’s chat rooms, teleconference linkups, student forum and through your monthly personal healing sessions with your mumaras (student guides). The amount of personal contact you make with others in your pod is guided by your own heart, and is deeply encouraged.

The Self-Mastery School of Creation is a one year self mastery training designed by the Enlightened Masters, Archangels, Angels and Gaia to enlighten and illuminate you to be able to learn to:

  1. Recognise and clear the blockages in your chakras or multidimensional body that impede the flow of your self empowerment
  2. Energise, empower and illuminate your heart and sacral and primary chakras (via the school’s creation practices) for the purpose of increasing your power of creation
  3. Repattern your energy body to clear any wound with creation that may lie in your unconscious or subconscious
  4. Recognise, embrace, accept and heal your personal limitations/fears or karma in regards to creating a clear life path with “your power of creation” and your Divine Presence
  5. Train in the art of self mastery of your energy and consciousness and the deepening of your meditations and energy connection to your Divine Presence
  6. Train in the art and science of sacred sound to ignite your divine voice and power of Presence
  7. ┬áReceive the opportunity to train in the “facilitation of Sound and Light Healing” to become an accredited Sound and Light Healer through learning to support individuals to clear their empowerment issues with the assistance of their Divine Presence, the Archangels and Angels. This is an elective training.