The Higher Purpose

The Self Mastery School’s highest purpose is to support individuals to receive a deeper level of connection to their Divine Presence in preparation for their mission work or keepership.

The Divine Presence of a soul holds the soul’s higher consciousness and divine love. Divine Presence holds the soul’s spiritual gifts and divine energy for creation of the mastery of their life. The Self Mastery School is designed to initiate the Divine Presence to illuminate the chakras and energy body for the awakening of their higher awareness, spiritual gifts and divine love, so as to ignite the Presence of unconditional love, wisdom, unity, harmony, peace, creativity and empowerment to be more accessible as an experience for their soul.

During the one year training, students learn to sit in communion with their Divine Presence, so they may:

  • experience inner peace and receive love and support from their Presence
  • access a higher level of healing of unresolved life issues
  • be able to open their heart beyond their fears so as to overcome, transcend and transform them
  • learn to open and access spiritual gifts they hold within, for the benefit of themselves and others
  • receive divine guidance for their life
  • receive a purification of their karma within a relatively short period of time as they work with the master keys for clearing unresolved karma
  • find their true service path or mission, or highest potential use of their time whilst incarnate in this lifetime