Spiritual Assistance

The nature of love in its purest form is the basis of all of the divine teachings of the Self Mastery School. Through the loving support and guidance of many Enlightened Masters and the Divine Presence of each co-facilitator of the School, the Self Mastery School is designed to offer all students a pathway to reconnect deeply to their heart and their Divine Presence (Holy Spirit). This will allow all to open to the greater mystery of Spirit and receive the profound assistance that is available to support a soul to transform their life and be guided by the power of their heart, as a vehicle of Universal Spirit.

During the one year training, spiritual assistance is received directly through the visitations of many Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Masters who offer:

  • divine interaction with each student by offering direct infusions of pure love, divine energy and dispensations into their chakras during each teaching, meditation or healing session within the program. These infusions are offered through all of the podcast recordings, meditation linkups and chat room training sessions or teleconferences within the self mastery school.
  • to anchor a sacred chamber of love within the sacred space of the student, and expand this over the year through each divine session they receive from the program. This will ground a beautiful, large pillar in their home or sacred space in support of the student’s energy.
  • two weekly 2-3 hour Master healings that support each student’s transformation to take place on the deepest level of their soul and spirit. These take place during one’s sleep by the Enlightened Healers.
  • communion with each student for the purpose of training them on the spiritual planes within energetic temples of light so they may awaken fully and embrace their divinity, their mastery, and trust in their Divine Presence. This takes place through interaction and guidance received from the Enlightened Councils when each student is in a meditation, specifically focused on creating a Higher Guidance Council with the Enlightened Masters and their Divine Presence.
  • gentle clearings and energy body cleansings take place each morning between 3am-4am, in support of each chakra’s expansion and growth which then raises one’s vibration and life energy.