The Three Terms

The journey of igniting the Power of Creation involves three steps that will be coordinated through the training modules of the school, focusing on the following 3 primary terms/or stages of the school. The 3 Terms of the School are called BIRTH, METAMORPH0SIS and CREATION.

  1. YOU WILL BIRTH through a process of surrender and alignment to the will of your Presence, and the inner journey of transforming your inner consciousness and beliefs about your creator nature.
  2. ENTER METAMORPH0SIS through a deep journey of opening your Sound and Light Channel and freeing the power of your Divine Voice so you may be able to project the divine light and truth of your Presence upon your creations.
  3. EXPAND YOUR POWER OF CREATION through your activated and crystal clear Field of Creation so your creations can be larger, stronger and manifest with the love, light and power of your Divine Presence.

What a soul produces or creates in life is truly infinite and unlimited in its potential. Yet all of this potential for divine creation lies purely as a heart dream, waiting to be brought into manifestation until a soul moves through their empowerment process and births their power of creation with their Divine Presence.

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The Art of Divine Creation

Divine Creation is the art of creating with the love, light and power of your Divine Presence. It begins with divine inspiration and the ideas, that pour forth from the realms of mystery or what is also known as spirit- higher self connection. It is then seeded by the light of your inner consciousness and belief systems, which act as a lens or central focus point for the magnification or concentration of your energy towards this intention. Your creation is then illuminated by the amount of love and light you hold in your energy body, chakras and aura and made manifest. Your divine creation can be anything,  created with divine energy and love.

The quality and clarity of your creations are dependent on three influences:

  1. whether your belief systems resonate with your power of creation and intention
  2. how much love and light you anchor through your chakras and energy body
  3. how well you ground the light through your body, mind, soul and spirit as you act upon your inspirations/ideas for creation

Creation is a fully conscious process that always generates more consciousness and light and energy, when a soul's essence is clearly flowing through their heart and they are empowered with their Creator consciousness. Divine creation flows easily as if guided by the invisible hand of God, in co-creation and oneness with the Universal Power.