Choosing Electives

Your choice regarding electives, is purely based on what time you have available over the year and whether you have completed any of the self mastery module via a previous training. The core program requires a solid commitment of at least 7-8 hours a week to achieve the intention of the training. Each elective adds a further commitment to your study schedule of up to 1-2 hours a fortnight or week during the terms they are offered. Electives need not to be taken if one is not guided to extend oneself beyond 8 hours a week, as the core program is deeply beneficial in itself.

Enrolling in Elective 1 – Sound and Light Healing

If you wish to simply receive the clearings to open your Sound and Light Channel for personal empowerment or you wish to prepare and train as a Sound and Light Healer, consider enrolling in Elective 1 - Sound and Light Healing in the beginning of Term 1 to discover if this is enjoyable. You may choose at any time to discontinue this elective, or you may complete it even if you have no intention of becoming an Accredited Practitioner of Sound and Light Healing. This elective is highly recommended to all in the core program who wish to specifically ignite their personal empowerment or those who wish to become a practitioner offering empowerment sessions as a form of service to others.
The Sound and Light Healing Elective will benefit you either way. If you feel you do not have enough time to select this elective but truly wish to receive its benefits, you may choose to do the core program a little slower so you may also receive this elective. To receive your transformation and fulfill the prerequisite of completion of the one year training, you need only complete 75% of the core program during the year.

Choosing Any of the Other Electives for Term 2 and 3

If the Self Mastery Module has already been taken and been completed to the level of 75% by any student through their previous enrolment in the Self Mastery Program or the previous school, The Self Mastery School of Tantra, a student may choose all 3 of the Advanced Electives and enroll in the Advanced Program of the school. These 3 electives will replace the 3 study units of The Self Mastery Module.

If any enrolled student has a larger period of time available during the year and feels able to expand into the electives, they may also enrol in the Advanced Program at any time as they are guided, and begin to work with the elective material. It is recommended that the electives be chosen in order. Elective 1 first, then Elective 2 and Elective 3 as each one builds on the previous elective's healing initiative.

What if You Would Like to Do the Electives but Do Not Have the Time

All students will receive the materials and study program of the 2 advanced electives – Multidimensionality and Temple Work even if they are unable to work with this material during the one year training. Each student may then work with it in their own time and also upon completion of the school and thus continue their training with the Enlightened Masters. Students may choose to extend their training with the Enlightened Masters by taking a second year to explore the electives and any additional material they found they were unable to give their full focus to throughout the first year.

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