The Self Mastery Module

(Also Known As the Self Mastery Program)

There are three aspects of inner work found within the self mastery module/self mastery program. These 3 components of this module are:

  • monthly self mastery lessons
  • monthly meditation linkups
  • weekly/fortnightly practices

1. THE SELF MASTERY LESSONS are received via reading the following self mastery newsletters (approx 20 pages each month) which hold the teachings and practical lessons of the month for self mastery of your energy and consciousness. These lessons give an outline of all of the inner work that needs to be focused on for the lesson to be fulfilled.

  • Lesson 1 – Stepping into your Self Mastery
  • Lesson 2 – Mastery of your Heart Energy
  • Lesson 3 – Mastering your Feminine Energy
  • Lesson 4 - Mastering your Divine Light Connection
  • Lesson 5 – Mastering your Will
  • Lesson 6 – Mastery of your Masculine Energy
  • Lesson 7 – Self Mastery of Peace
  • Lesson 8 – Mastery of your Relationships
  • Lesson 9 – Self Mastery of Your Environment
  • Lesson 10 – Self Mastery of Past Experiences
  • Lesson 11- Self Mastery of your Life Circumstances
  • Lesson 12 – Self Mastery of Being in Presence

2. THE DIVINE PRESENCE LINKUPS are received via listening to the following 90 minute Divine Presence linkup meditations and cover the following material:

  • Divine Presence Linkup 1- The Path of Completion and Acceptance
    The first linkup supports the opening of the pathway between the heart and the earthstar, and the clearing of energies that were unable to ground previously that may be held in this pathway or the earthstar - dreams, projects, relationships etc. With angelic and enlightened master assistance, all are invited to embrace, accept and love any parts of one’s consciousness that hold feelings, beliefs of failure or fear of not being supported and doubts and distrust of one’s self and Divine Presence and to release these into the earth core.
  • Divine Presence Linkup 2 – The Path of Integration and Peace
    The second linkup supports the opening of the pathway between the heart and the link chakra, and the gentle integration of energies that need to come into a deeper state of peace within your being. With angelic, archangelic and enlightened master assistance, all are invited to raise into a higher vibration and ignite the pure energies of peace through their energy field.
  • Divine Presence Linkup 3 - Grounding your Spirituality in your Life
    This linkup offers each soul a divine opening between their base chakra and heart. Often our divine consciousness and energy can become trapped and feel limited by outside forces and find many physical circumstances in our lives that seem like negative influences. Universal Flow in the physical can simply be mastered when your Presence is grounding into your base chakra more deeply and aligning your soul to the divine timing of the universe. All that you seem unable to be in divine timing with in your life, creates your struggle in the third dimension and creates your physical actions to be out of synchronicity with the your soul's divine flow of energy and consciousness as a divine being. This linkup supports your spiritual existence to marry more with your physical existence, simply through guiding you in the self mastery of your base-heart connection for the grounding of your spirituality.
  • Divine Presence Linkup 4 - Accepting your Feminine Power in Life
    This linkup is based on grounding your feminine power of creation and focuses deeply on the sacral chakra. It is related to supporting your soul to be able to receive universal support for your creations in life through the opening and ignition of your sacral chakra to be able to receive the divine energy of your Divine Presence.
  • Divine Presence Linkup 5 – Grounding your Will and Empowerment, and clearing of unresolved emotions held about your soul’s relationship with Spirit
    This divine linkup is based on the hara chakra and supporting the flow of divine energy and connection to your Presence to earth through your hara chakra. A clearing of your emotional body and deeper layers of your power centre and centre of will is offered to you in the Presence of a group of Enlightened Masters. You are taken on a journey to establish a clearer connection with the use of your free will and your true spiritual connection in life and blessed with the unconditional love of spirit to heal the deeper core energies you may hold unconsciously that leads your soul to reject, resent or blame Spirit, your Presence or God for experiences of non- flow or karma, in your life. The linkup offers you a divine journey of deep healing of the aspects that you may store unconsciously on an emotional level, that block your soul and spirit’s union.
  • Divine Presence Linkup 6 - The Opening of the Gentle Mind - Connection of our minds to our Divine Presence.
    A journey of softening and clearing of the memories held by our minds that restrict or limit the way we see ourselves, and to open our minds to be in the now and enter new experiences with openness. A deep healing for the mind where all aspects of the mind are lifted into a deep space of nurturance and love and gently guided to let go of holding on, and gently and lovingly supported to surrender. This takes place through a deep clearing and opening of our solar plexus chakra and a connection of the flow of divine energy between the wellness or source connection of our soul, our heart chakra, and our aura and cells. It also takes us on a journey of gently allowing, layer by layer, of the release of all our mind is holding that does not serve us presently.
  • Divine Presence Linkup 7 – Balancing your Spiritual and Physical Reality as One, through Spiritual Integration
    This linkup supports a soul to integrate their spiritual energy (the energy they placed into their personal growth) that may create blockages within their heart chakra. It offers assistance for opening and clearing the heart via the integration of un-integrated spiritual aspects that may experience resistance to change or stubbornness that may be held within the mind. All are guided to open their spiritual bodies through the giving over of one’s mind to the Buddha for healing of un-integrated spiritual aspects. A spiritual cleansing through holy fire is offered to all for the release of un-integrated spiritual energies affecting your physical reality or body to not be balanced. It supports you to open to complete acceptance of your Spirit as your guiding light, as the co-creative partner to your Soul in your life, and to Mergence of your Soul and Spirit.
  • Divine Presence Linkup 8 – Opening to the Expression of your True Self, your Soul, for the blessing of your Relationships
    This linkup supports the grounding of your Presence through your thymus chakra. It facilitates a journey of igniting the expression of your soul and your soul communion with others so your true nature as a soul can be truly be discovered, and also be met by others through your soul to soul connection, soul communion and journey of intimacy in life. This linkup offers a healing between you and all other souls regarding any internal pressure you may feel through your communication, and supports the release of your false role models that may create you not to express your true self and soul energy. A connection with your soul family takes place for you to clear and open your higher heart, your thymus, beyond the patterning (belief in loss rather than love) that you created when you chose loss to be stronger than your love, in other lives.
  • Divine Presence Linkup 9 – Opening to your Power of Co-creation with your Higher Self and Divine Presence
    This linkup supports the grounding of your Divine Presence through your throat chakra. It offers a deep journey into the starry planes with Emissaries from Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda, Arcturus, Chiron and Venus. Many dispensations are offered to you as your soul is supported to clear all fears of co-creation with your Holy Spirit, God and your Divine Presence that may be held in any chakras. A dispensation of a sceptre is offered to you, so you may dissolve any fears that you are guided, are held in your chakras.
    Your Enlightened Master Teacher or Oversoul for your one year training meets with you on the inner planes in a Temple in the starry celestial planes and supports the mergence of a divine aspect of your self – higher self – as many pillars from the heavens are brought through your throat and grounded into the Earth to support your connection to the celestial planes and your power in co-creation to be cleared and established in divine order for you.
  • Divine Presence Linkup 10 – Opening Your Light Connection, Higher Mind, Higher Guidance and Divine Wisdom
    This linkup supports your soul to integrate the light of your Soul and Divine Presence to support the grounding of your higher mind. Buddha, Sananda and Maitreya support all students to open the brow chakra and cosmic point of consciousness. A clearing of your cosmic point of consciousness takes place as you are invited to recognise the flame of light that is your central consciousness, as your consciousness is deeply supported to be centred, cleared and freed into the light.
    A cleansing of all chakras that integrate your higher mind to open and ground are worked with deeply, so the grounding of your higher truth and wisdom may be accessed or anchored more deeply into your mind. Alignments take place through the assistance of many angels so you may begin to perceive yourself as pure light and hold a clear vision of yourself in the world and your path in life. Karmic healing takes place to assist you to receive more of your Divine Presence via the brow chakra connection in your energy body, assisting a higher level of operation of your consciousness for accessing divine truth and wisdom.
    A deep clearing and energisation of your consciousness takes place and many blessings are offered to support your heart and mind to interconnect more deeply for the grounding of your higher wisdom.
  • Divine Presence Linkup 11 – Clearing the Pathways for the Grounding of your Spirit
    This linkup supports your soul to ignite the power of the crown chakra to receive your Holy Spirit's blessings though your body, mind and soul. You receive a blue prism that infuses all aspects of your soul, mind and body that may hold memories of separation from Spirit, the source of love and light as you are invited to hold the intention to enter healing with your Holy Spirit to Enlighten your Soul, Mind and Body and heal any parts of your Spirit that are unable to Earth in oneness with your physical body.
    The Archangels activate divine rays of pure colour through you, and all of your multidimensional pathways into your physical body. A deep healing process occurs throughout the linkup, bringing healing to parts of your consciousness that resist your oneness with your Holy Spirit due to loss of faith in oneness with God and your Divine Presence. Karmic Absolution is offered to dissolve limitations that may bind your crown chakra from receiving your Holy Spirit's love and divine consciousness.
    With assistance of Divine Mother's blessings and cleansing of the pathway between your crown and base, your soul is supported to embrace the journey of birthing yourself - a more liberated conscious part of yourself. You are supported with teachings and a clearing of spiritual aspects from this pathway and multidimensional body so you may bring the Great Light/Your next level of Consciousness - Higher Self, down through your pillar into the Earth for the grounding of your Spirit and Light.
  • Divine Presence Linkup 12 – Merging with your Higher Self in Christ Consciousness – Integrating your Mastery in Life through Grounding and Aligning your Higher Lightbodies
    This linkup supports your soul to integrate aspects of your divine training over the  year through opening your pillar deeply, and receiving the golden light of Mother Gaia through your earthstar and all other chakras to your soulstar chakra. As this takes place, you receive visitations from Ascended Beings and Angels who offer you dispensations and assist you in a beautiful way to open your pillar from the heart of the Earth to balance and activate your Soul Star Chakra and align it to your earth path. This process supports the grounding of your Lightbody on Earth.
    You journey in a golden pyramid to receive blessings for the evolution of your Christ Consciousness and are taken you on a journey into a temple where a Higher Dimensional Form of yourself (higherself) meets with you, entering communion/mergence with you. You receive a golden book, that holds the wisdom of your higher self's gifts. Your Enlightened Master Guide of the one year training meets you in the temple, and your Christ Bodies are ignited and illuminated and your Lightbody grounds through each chakra into the Earth.

3. THE SELF MASTERY PRACTISES are received through listening to the following 45 minute audio recordings:

  • Self Mastery Practice 1 - Your Divine Connection
  • Self Mastery Practice 2 - Opening and Expanding your Heart
  • Self Mastery Practice 3 - Receiving Divine Union (Masculine & Feminine Union)
  • Self Mastery Practice 4 - Communion with your Divine Presence
  • Self Mastery Practice 5 - Communion with your Enlightened Council
  • Self Mastery Practice 6 - Creating with your Enlightened Connection
  • Self Mastery Practice 7 - Blessing the World, Your Family and Community
  • Self Mastery Practice 8 - Aspect Clearing
  • Self Mastery Practice 9 - Forgiveness
  • Self Mastery Practice 10 - Soul Meditation Practice
  • Self Mastery Practice 11 - Universal Law Alignment
  • Self Mastery Practice 12 - Raising your Vibration
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