Your Keepership

The one year training is also a specific form of preparation and opening of your soul’s energy body to your larger nature, known as your Divine Presence or Holy Spirit. It also opens a door to your Divine Mission work as it is designed as a preparation for your Soul to be able to receive aspects of your mission work from your Divine Presence. This mission work is known as your Keepership.

Your Keepership is made from the wisdom, gifts and love that you hold in the higher planes. This is a specialised form of work that your Presence holds mastery with, that may be brought through by your soul when you enter a higher state of consciousness connection.

Your keepership is not your soul’s mission but is the mission of your Divine Presence. It is a mission you may activate if you wish to embody your Divine Presence. For example, it may be your soul’s mission to care for humanity and you may do this as a mother or in the field of care, possibly caring for people in your field of work. As a carer, your keepership will be aligned to your soul’s mission of care, but it will be very precise and detailed and based on a specific mastery of energy and consciousness that your Divine Presence holds to be able to do this, quite uniquely. It will support individuals, groups and the Earth in a very specific way. You do not hold this keepership within your soul, yet all of your soul’s gifts aid and support your divine mission on Earth.

Another example may be that your soul’s mission is connected to supporting businesses. Yet your keepership is based more specifically on a mastery of doing this in a new way that brings an enlightened form of support to it. When a soul is working in a field or career that is based on their soul mission, their keepership will always be aligned to it and can offer a deeper level of mastery to this if this is given the time to be explored.

You hold this mastery, or keepership, as a holy spirit, so to access this mastery you need to learn to raise your vibration and enter what is known as “A state of oneness with your Divine Presence”. This is a state of higher consciousness that you may achieve through training with the Enlightened Masters in a dedicated way. This path takes time, patience and great dedication to create your divine connection so you may move into this state of higher consciousness at will.

During the One Year Training, You Are Prepared to Enter the Journey of Developing Your Keepership

In your Self Mastery Package, you are offered a keepership activation via an audio recording, and the name of your keepership and your keepership template which you may work with over the year to prepare yourself to open the connection to your Keepership. After the one year training, if you are interested in developing your keepership, you may attend The 2 Week Keepership Retreat, a residential retreat in Bali with Sri’ama Qala.

The keepership activations you receive at the Keepership retreat (and in preparation) will open your energy body and consciousness to be able to ground into creation forms when you are anchored in your divine connection and raised in energy via the opening of your higher dimensional bridge between the Earth core and the Great Central Sun.

On completion of the one year training, all poddies/students are offered the opportunity to attend a 2 week keepership retreat with Sri’ama Qala in Bali to receive and begin to create with their Divine Presence, a creation project from their Keepership. This retreat is presently planned for March-April 2013. The retreat does not form part of the one year training and may only be attended if one has completed 75% of the core program of the school.

The Keepership Retreat

The purpose of this sacred retreat is to spend two whole weeks in a temple with others, focusing on the grounding of the sacred work of your Divine Presence, by entering this higher dimensional bridge. This work is based on the development of a new system of healing, education, or on a project that will support individuals and groups to receive from the Divine, for a specific purpose. All of this work that is brought through, carries the divine energy and frequency of Presence from either the ancestral, angelic, christ, galactic, celestial or universal planes, depending on which plane your keepership is sourced from. As your keepership is shared with others, it grounds specific gifts into the earth and to the people, receiving.

Each Presence’s keepership is broad yet holds specific tools and support within it that is not usually held by other Presences so it is also very detailed and specific. To develop this work and bring it into the physical plane from the higher dimensions is a calling, a path, and involves working in a dedicated way to begin or birth this in a powerful
way. The 2 week retreat is purely designed to support each student to ignite gifts, via healing, sacred art, writings etc that may be used with others to assist them in their shift in a specific way, beloved heart.

Each student is given a project by the Enlightened Masters to develop something specifically, which includes the understandings about their keepership and the initial steps they need to take over the retreat to co-create this project in Divine Presence. These are offered to each attendee via an audio recording, created personally for each attendee.

During the retreat, all will have sacred spaces that are their own, where they will sit and create with Presence merged with their soul, in chambers, and be lifted into the higher dimensions to ignite their Divine Creations. Some students are given healing systems, others are guided to develop new business processes, others sacred codes,
templates, tablets, story books, writings, teachings, etc. You are offered a project which is the highest form of creation you can create with your Divine Presence from your keepership that will also benefit your evolution as a divine being. Attending this retreat can form a new path in life, as it has done for many, supporting you to fully ground something very powerful, yet so unique, on Earth that is a great gift to Earth and humanity. This retreat offers a profound unique experience and has been seen by many previous students as the highlight or great reward one gives to oneself on completion of the one year training.  

Developing Your Keepership

As a student begins to receive their Holy Spirit’s divine consciousness and energy, they enter a process of deep change where they move through three processes that over a period of years, creates the Grounding of their Divine Presence on Earth. The Self Mastery School provides the doorway for the development of the first stage or opening to one’s Keepership.

These three specific processes are met by every individual who wishes to open to their Divine Presence, and ground their Divine Presence on Earth via training with the Enlightened Masters on the Path of Divine Presence, to ignite their mission work.

  1. Inner Alchemical Change via the One Year School’s Training - This change takes place within the soul’s energy body via the release of old karma, the recalibration of the energy body to their Holy Spirit’s vibration and their soul’s essence, and a shift in their chakras (through a repatterning of the chakra system) to align to their Higher Self Vibration. This brings up much that has been left unresolved by the soul and awakens it to be recognized so it may be forgiven and transmuted. This is a process where deep healing occurs for a soul so they may receive the light and love of their Divine Presence. A complete shift takes place when all of the work within the specifically designed elements of the core program of the one year school are completed.
  2. Inner Consciousness Shift within the Mind via Daily Cleansing Practices - Once the inner alchemical change has completed in the energy body, the mind is freed of old thoughts and energies that have held a soul in a lower vibrational state of consciousness (partially sleepy in some areas of life). The second stage of grounding one’s Presence takes place through the cleansing of the ego nature of the Soul. New choices and self realisations are received and a new path is set with an empowered mind when the energy body of the soul is kept clear through regular clearing practices.
    Unless cleansing the energy body is created as an integrated daily practice, the mind will be influenced by the ego, and one’s clear connection to one’s Holy Spirit, will be filtered or weakened. This regular clearing practice is needed until the mind is developed and strengthened enough to be positive and loving in its outlook and focus in life - ego free. When the mind is strong, loving and light, and focused with positivity, a soul knows the ego has released its hold over the mind through the alchemical marriage of the soul and spirit in the body.
    This union can only take place through a dedicated daily spiritual practice that brings the cleansing light through the chakras, body and mind. This needs to be incorporated into one’s lifestyle as it allows you to ground the light and love of your Presence day by day, growing stronger in your energy body and physical body, each year. This is needed until you are able to enter a daily higher state of connection with your Presence without this cleansing preparation. It can take several years to develop, depending on your dedication to your daily spiritual practice.
  3. Creation of your Mission Work with Presence through entering higher states of consciousness so you may integrate your Higher Consciousness Gifts as an integrated part of your life - Once your mind makes this inner consciousness shift, you are fully empowered to create your mission work with your Divine Presence. Your training is to enter a higher consciousness state once a day, for greater mergence with your Presence, so you create from your mission work, something for yourself, others, or the Earth, every day. Through regularly giving of yourself to your Presence by setting aside time every day, your Presence is able to embody you, and your soul is able to experience the shift from the state of personality to Presence (into your Higher State of Consciousness) for the delivery of your Keepership or Mission work and service to Earth and all beings. This may come in small packages or large, but it will come in the perfect form that your Presence creates with you.

Your mission work or keepership has many different potential paths or possible ways of being expressed and shared via the offering of divine energy through your service and support of Mother Earth and all beings. Your Presence and your Soul are multidimensional and may express this mission work into any endeavour, both professional or deeply personal in nature. Every moment on your path that your Presence is given to create with, through your choice to enter this higher state of connection, will bring more of the love and light of your Holy Spirit to you, will enlighten your soul, your life and all around you. As it does this, what you create will gift the highest blessings and love to build your mission or highest form of service here. This is a journey and there is no expected outcome, except more love and light grounding in your being as you give yourself over to God and your Presence.

As you give your service via your Presence’s mission/your Keepership, you ground more of your love and light on Earth. After one year of entering this higher state of connection every day, your mind will know what your mission is and each day, have access to every important knowing regarding your Divine Mission.

To develop a full transmission of the divine love of one’s Presence and develop significant aspects of your keepership and mission work so you may step forward with your divine mission, each student is recommended by Sri’ama Qala to offer at least 3 years full time, or 7 years part time to the sacred path of grounding their Divine Presence on Earth, or to the three stages described above.

There is a unique timing for each individual, in accordance to their karma and life lessons. All are asked to recognize that the process of manifesting one’s Mission work with Presence is a deep process which takes years of commitment and dedication, yet this path is deeply fulfilling, empowering in its immense service to God and All Beings, and to the evolution of one’s consciousness. It gifts the energy of the enlightened planes to the Earth and all beings and leaves a legacy in the libraries of light within the Earth, for all future generations on Earth.

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