Practitioner Training

The Sound and Light Healing elective offers the student within the Creation School, a training to activate as a Sound and Light Channel, whereby they open their divine connection to the celestial and/or ancestral realms to channel the pure sound and light frequencies that are specifically needed to clear a soul’s central channel and energy field of the primary energy and consciousness blockages that are presently limiting their personal empowerment, creative power of freedom and spiritual connection.

The training will be received via live connections with the teachers in chat rooms or via teleconference, for a total of 8 hours per month. Specific techniques and practices will be offered for the opening and clearing of the sound and light channel of the student through mergence with one’s higher self. In combination with igniting one’s Divine Voice, Sacred Sound and connection to Presence through the core training modules, the Sound and Light Healing training prepares the practitioner to be able to open themselves as a Sound and Light Channel for their own empowerment, and also in support of others.

Empowerment Session

A Sound and Light Channel opens to their ancestral, celestial or multidimensional connection to build a bridge between the Heart of Gaia and the great great central sun Sanura, from which they draw and ground all higher frequencies of sound and light into this earth realm for the transformation of their own, or another’s energy body.

The Empowerment Session simultaneously supports both the receiver of the session as well as the Sound and Light Channel in their personal evolution through creating a divine connection to the Sacred Fire and Unified Field of Creation.

The Empowerment Session is a powerful tool to:

  • Open and clear one’s sound and light channel
  • Receive the current of creation from the unified field
  • Transform and harmonize a soul’s karma of creation
  • Unify and empower all parts in one’s multidimensional Creation Body
  • Free one’s pure connection with Source for the embodiment of the true power and gifts of one’s Divine Presence to create an inspired, love-filled and empowered life.

In the Empowerment Session, the Sound and Light Channel works in communion with their Divine Presence, Gaia, The Ancestral Guardians of the Earth and the Celestial Angels and Archangels to gently lift the strongest aspect of a soul that is held in a state of disempowerment, into a higher state of universal connection or empowerment. This occurs in a Healing Chamber of Pure Love and Creation, and a sacred altar of crystals, encoded templates, flames of sacred fire, flowers, and a beautiful cloth that enfolds the client are all arranged in preparation for the session.

During the 1 to 2 hour session of opening, cleansing and activating their multidimensional Creation Body, chakras and physical body, the client sits or lays in a deep space of love (on a healing table in the live session) to receive the healing energies. Ancestral and Celestial star languages are channelled in song and prayer through sections of the session as the practitioner works with the enlightened teams to ground pillars, ignite specific diamond plates, and infuses light technologies, mantras, codes and sacred sound and light transmissions into the cells, chakras and multidimensional extensions of the client’s energy body.

Accreditation As a Sound and Light Channel

A Sound and Light Channel who chooses to train in the Sound & Light Healing elective with the intention of becoming a practitioner of the Empowerment Session for the benefit of the evolution and empowerment of others, is offered the potential of being an Accredited Sound and Light Channel upon completion of the one year training in the Creation School.

To be accredited as a Sound and Light Channel is a 4 step process, where firstly the student must complete 75% of the Core Program, 80% of the training sessions in the Sound and Light Healing elective and all 12 sessions with their mumara.

Secondly, in the third term of the training year, the student begins to practise the Empowerment sessions with others who are open to receiving them. An Empowerment journal will be kept by the student practitioner in regards to the learning experiences gained through facilitating the sessions.

To complete the year training as a Sound and Light Channel, the student will give an Empowerment Session to a client during their last mumara session of the year. Both the client and the practitioner will need to experience a shift in their energy and consciousness. The mumara will be guided by an evaluation sheet listing points of focus, that are keys for the assessment of the session. The successful completion of this session is the third requirement towards receiving an accreditation.

A Sound and Light Channel fulfils the first three requirements of training sessions, practice and assessment in the Sound and Light Healing elective in preparation of the fourth requirement, which is the student’s presence at the Empowerment Retreat in which training and practice in the complete live form of the Empowerment Session is offered.

The Empowerment Retreat

In this 5 day Empowerment retreat, the Sound and Light Channel receives extensive training in the extended live Empowerment Session in a powerful Creation Portal, established via the combined energies of the Divine Presence of the Enlightened Masters of Creation, Gaia, Lelama Sjamar and the Sound and Light Channels of the pod. This culmination of a profound year of working together in group consciousness creates a powerful field that will not only ground one’s own connection with one’s Divine Presence and sacred power of creation more deeply through the body, mind, soul and spirit, but also birth the practitioner as an Accredited Sound and Light Channel in support of others on their journey of opening to their personal empowerment and gifts for the creation of their new life.

Each morning will include a session of Yamala Yoga and a teaching or healing session in group with Lelama to open and empower one’s own Sound and Light Channel more deeply and to receive keys for deepening the power of one’s transmissions during the practitioner sessions. New techniques will be shared in relation to the structure and process of the session. The training will be guided also by journaling sessions with one’s Divine Presence, to empower the direct Source connection with one’s love, wisdom and power of creation and to build the clarity and strength of the sound and light channel.

Each day, all in the group will give 3 Empowerment Sessions to ground the frequencies and practices fully through their energy body. In the extended live sessions offered at the retreat, the Sound and Light Channel will be trained to empower their work via the profound and gentle power of touch, placing their hands in specific places and on chakras of the body to deepen the effect of the transmission.

At the end of each day, the group will come together to share experiences and insights, in Divine Presence, for the power of being witnessed, in love and reflection, is invaluable for the grounding of one’s divine power of co-creation and communication.

In the evenings, we will creatively celebrate our joy for life and of being together in soul family, just as we are, with sound baths or through co-creative presentations of our group connection, in the ancestral lineage of our soul.

The Empowerment Retreat will be held in March 2013, in connection with the Keepership Retreat, most likely in Bali. The cost for this retreat is not included in the fees for the one year training in the Creation School. Closer to the date, an invitation will go out to all in the Sound and Light Healing elective with details on the program, the dates, the location and the cost of the retreat.

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