Zjaazjia Shola Christos


“It is with great joy that I walk the path of Mumara this year in the Self Mastery School of Creation.  It is my dreaming to assist those who have received their heart calling to activate their own creative essence with Presence and to birth their sacred gifts of love and light here.  I have personally had many profound and wonderful experiences upon my path of awakening and divine service and I pray that you too will discover your path of joy and reclaim your sacred gifts to share your own unique puzzle piece with humanity and the earth at this amazing time of awakening for all.

I took my first steps onto the path of Presence when I started my training in 2003 with Qala and The Enlightened Masters as an initiate of the first Gaia Sacred Mystery School pod, Lakura. I really had no idea what I was getting into back then, but something within me said ‘yes’ so I signed up with an open mind and an open heart.  Consequently my whole life and who I knew myself to be was completely transformed in the most incredible ways throughout that year.

A few months after I’d completed my training I attended a Wesak event held in Byron Bay Australia.  Through this sacred ceremony which was facilitated by Qala, I had one of my most profound spiritual experiences which deeply awakened my soul to the Truth of who I am and our reality here.  I lay in a room with maybe 100 other people as we received the most incredible frequencies of pure love and light from Lord Buddha. I was in a fully embodied state of bliss which I’d never experienced to that degree before. I opened my eyes to ground as I felt like I was going to dissolve completely into the light. As I did I could see the large mandalas hung around the room were no longer 2 dimensional images, they were alive and moving like great vortexes of coloured light that had begun to fill the room with the most incredible flows of pastel pinks and blues, violets, greens and yellows. Streams of luminous symbols and light language were spiraling out and around and through us all.  I was in absolute awe as I observed all of this with my eyes open.

 I then turned to look at Qala and saw her standing in full embodiment as she offered the discourse from Buddha. It was in that moment that I had the realization that I was looking at my Self.  This was not just a conceptual realization in my mind but something I experienced as a complete knowing through my body, mind and soul, for in that moment I was living this higher dimensional reality in full consciousness. I looked around the room at my friends and soul family, my partner next to me, the pregnant girl I’d spoken with earlier, along with the many I’d never met before, and I could see, feel and know that each one was a unique and beautiful extension of this one living Presence that I/we are.

I was One with All, it was seamless, we were in our human bodies yet united, we had our own lives yet were living the one life. My whole existence as I knew it, every experience I’d ever had in my life began to flash through my minds eye. It was then that I had the next profound realization. I understood that every event that had ever occurred in my life, everyone I had ever journeyed with and everything that was occurring there in that room then, had led me to this single most significant point in my life, where I was to realize my wholeness here, my Oneness with All That Is. 

I became overwhelmed with the most incredible gratitude for my life’s experience, for my parents, my family, my teacher, for all of my relationships and for everything that had occurred throughout my journey.

I knew then how eternally blessed I was to be here and I have held this deep gratitude for all in my life to this day.  This profound heart opening has held my faith through some deeply challenging initiations that I’ve journeyed over the years since then.  I pray that this sharing of my experience will inspire you to embrace all in your life with the immense love that exists within you, assures you that you are not alone and affirms for you that whether you are fully conscious of it or not, your own Divine Presence is leading the way.

May your path be eternally blessed with the Love and Grace of The One, Namaste.”

Zjaazjia Shola Christos

Shola is a bridge for enlightened consciousness, offering her service to humanity and the earth as a sacred artist, sound healer, teacher and spiritual mentor.  Shola facilitates sacred art and consciousness workshops, transformational healing sessions, along with channeled guidance counsel through her connection with many Divine Presences from the enlightened realms. Her service is guided by The Enlightened Masters, and she works intimately with the Divine Mother, the Angels, Archangels, The Galactic Federation, our beloved Gaia, the Ancestral Masters and Guardian Keepers of the earth.

Through her Divine Presence connection, Shola holds the codes to assist any being to birth their own codes (divine consciousness) and activate the enlightenment frequencies of their energy bodies.  These dispensations of Lovelight allow one to open and align to their higher consciousness without the struggle that sometimes occurs when the mind is not able to be a conscious loving bridge for the spirit and soul to meet within the body.

Shola also holds the gift of the Seer, enabling her to see and read the Divine within all beings and all creations. Through her ability to receive from the web of life, the wholeness of All That is, Shola can share the sounds and sacred codes that emanate from this living light field of creation so one may experience their Oneness with All.

Shola’s life is focused around her heart’s desire to assist beings to birth their own sacred gifts and realize their highest potential in life, through the power and grace of Presence. She has developed several transformational programs of divine assistance based on her work with the awakening of divine consciousness through sacred art, sacred sound and inner plane journeys of reconnection to awaken one’s spiritual gifts through their multidimensional nature:

C.O.D.E - Consciousness Opening Doorways to Enlightenment - A seven month program of awakening one’s divine gifts through the reconnection of one’s higher bodies of light held through the multidimensional realms of creation.

C.O.D.E - The Art of Consciousness - An introductory workshop on the power and beauty of Sacred Art.

C.O.D.E - The Creator Within - Awakening one’s creative essence as a channel of sacred art, sacred sound, mudras and movement.

C.O.D.E - Sacred Journeys of Love and Light - A series of sacred sound healing journeys and activations for the illumination of the body, mind and soul.

Living Presence - A weekly teaching and meditation circle focused on integrating Divine Presence into all the dimensions of one’s life to create balance, harmony, health, happiness and peace for the soul.

Shola is also the co-founder of several co-creative endeavors that support the actualizing of each members divine gifts so together these may be utilized within Divine Service projects for humanity and the earth.

Central Coast Co-Creators - A weekly gathering in sacred circle for those willing to embody the principles of co-creation - a new social pattern in which individuals become one body with a collective sensitivity to the infinite mind and will of the Divine.

Keepers Connections - A monthly gathering of those who have received their Keepership (sacred commission) through completion of their training with The School of Self Mastery and wish to continue their work in pod consciousness for the activation and grounding of their sacred projects.

The Evolution Gateway Project - A new online portal of Love and Light that is being designed as a co-created environment for the distribution and transmission of high frequency sacred products and services for those on the path of Self realization.

Dreamweaving Heaven on Earth - Co-creative journeys to the portals of the earth with earth workers and light weavers who have received their calling through the Divine Plan to seed the sacred encodements of The New Earth.

Shola is a mother of three and lives and works with her beloved partner Xjahdi and her youngest daughter on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

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