Your Mumara — Your Student Guide

The training in the Self Mastery School of Creation is offered in group consciousness, all students will be held in a merkabah, an energetic field that creates all to be connected through their heart into the group heart, the Sanura Pod Heart. In this way all journey together in soul family to grow and evolve in their self mastery and their access to the power of creation to create a transformation in life.

Each student in the Self Mastery School of Creation is aligned with a mumara, a student guide that lovingly supports the student in their training for the duration of the year. Each mumara cares for a seedpod, a smaller group of students within the whole pod.

In the Sanura Pod each mumara holds a specific frequency through their Divine Presence’s work that is connected with the stream of teachings offered in the Self Mastery School of Creation. They are here to grow and evolve through their sacred service to the students who in turn are growing with the assistance their mumara offers them.

The mumara’s specific stream holds keys for the student’s path of transformation and evolution in the Sanura Pod. It is these keys that are the guiding light through which a mumara is assigned to the student by the teachers of the school in communion with the oversouling masters of the training. The Enlightened Masters of the Creation School will bring you the most perfect mumara to be your guide in this one year training.

Your mumara is your guide, a bridge between your heart, the heart of your seedpod and the Sanura Pod group heart. This one offers also to be a bridge between your intention to open your self to the self mastery of your energy and your empowerment, and the materials of the training in the Self Mastery School, as well as between your soul and the Enlightened Masters that guide you on your path with Divine Presence here on Earth.

Your mumara will support you each month with a powerful personal session that allows for all shifts in your energy body and consciousness created by the teachings and practices of the school, to anchor through the cells in your body, your chakras and all dimensions of your soul and spirit in the field of your Divine Presence. These sessions will offer you the potential to integrate gracefully and find yourself at the end of your training with a complete shift, a sense of wholeness, connected in your heart of power and ignited to embrace the creation projects on your path.

Your mumara may also guide you in your connection with the Forum, a communal space for all students, mumaras and teachers to connect with each other, to share their experiences, ask questions and receive answers. The actively visited Forum creates a pulsing group heart and will support all students, individually and united as Pod to feel at home, connected in their process of transformation and supported. The mumara may support you to find your way there and to feel at ease sharing your journey with your soul family in the school. You will find that what occurs for you, will often be shared by many in the group and keys received via forum entrees may offer resolution for anything you encounter in your journey.

It is profound to embrace this pod or group consciousness in the knowing that we all travel the same path, each in our own unique way, yet completely embraced by each other's love, insights, revelations, learning and teachings.

With joy in our heart we present to you the Mumaras of the Self Mastery School of Creation 2011, each one a powerful, dedicated and accomplished guide on their Path of Creation with Divine Presence:

Shola Shola
Eltara El'tara
Anaan Anaan
Ocha Ocha
Isheeni Isheeni
Zita Zita
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