Student Support

Every student who is enrolled, is assigned a personal assistant or student guide that is known as a ‘Mumara’. Within this school of Creation, there are 6 Mumaras who have each originally trained in the Self Mastery School (originally called The Sacred Mystery School).

Each of the mumaras has the ability to open their heart and allow their Divine Presence to illuminate through their chakras, and to give high quality support sessions to the students of the Self Mastery School. They carry wisdom and teachings from the development of their Source connection, through a variety of rich experiences of being a spiritual initiate for many years.

Each of the mumaras is a part of the pod and will offer monthly personal sessions to their allocated students. They also support each of the students they are personally working with to form a smaller pod/group so a greater group connection can be experienced.

All students will receive 12 one hour personal sessions with their mumaras. It is compulsory for every student to receive one session of personal contact every month.

The first session is to meet each other and develop a connection. The next ten sessions are support sessions. The last session is used for supporting the student’s completion with the school or their preparation for the practitioner or keepership retreat.

Students are also supported by their fellow students through the formation of a group consciousness known as a “pod”. Each year, this school has supported students to receive training with their Divine Presence and the Enlightened Masters, through a group heart with a specific name. This year, the self mastery school is based on the teachings of creation and it is forming through the group heart, known as The Sanura Pod.

All in the pod are encouraged to interact in the chat rooms, student forum and receive soul connection with others of like mind, exchanging ideas and helping each other through the training and journey. Through journeying as a pod for a year, a deep heart connection is created and the experience of soul family is felt when all meet personally on completion of the one year at the Keepership retreat.

In pod consciousness, all students receive a deep benefit from every other student’s inner work, breakthroughs and transformation. For one year, all are connected in this pod consciousness through one’s higher ascended bodies, and as one student receives healing, this is shared with all others via their ascended bodies of light (also known as higher self connection). This gives the pod the power to support any member of the pod more deeply than can be offered purely through physical encounters and exchanges.

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