There are no special abilities needed to begin this training, except a heart wish to receive assistance from Spirit and a deep willingness to embrace change and explore new methods of expanding self through receiving divine energy and a new form of profound assistance in your life.

Although those with the ability to open their mind to new ways of being in non-judgement, and the ability to open their hearts to more people, do flourish through this form of training, the training is deeply heart based so the power of love alone offers transformation to all students on some level of their being. Those of you that feel limited in your life and sometimes judgemental of yourself and others and their lives, will benefit deeply from this program, as the mastery of your thoughts and feelings is one aspect of the Self Mastery Module.

This lends all students to be able to raise their consciousness when they wish to, simply through this mastery and thus experience higher awareness and higher thought forms more easily.

Through a student’s willingness to embrace the divine laws of the universe and live in harmony with them during the first six months of the Self Mastery School, the thoughts and feelings transform to allow the student more freedom to sit in a higher state of receptivity.

You will not need the ability to do this at the beginning of the program, but the willingness to accept that you can learn to do this to benefit your quality of life and your effect upon all others, creates the first step of self mastery of your energy and an opening to this ability. Each one of us has dreams in life and these can be brought into reality through the self mastery of our energy and consciousness in our lives.

It is all within you! Taking the small steps in life of mastery of the energy of your day, you can create one larger step in life to truly experience freedom by releasing all desire of fulfilment outside of self. You will begin to explore the inner reality of yourself until all masks drop away and one's heart is free to fly each day to experience the power of creation held within you. Freedom is but one giant step away. This step is the path of your heart. It is the first step of empowerment – to give to yourself something you know will empower you, your heart, and excite you.

Step upon the path of empowerment with us and ignite your heart and allow the release of the old pain you hold to shift and transform so a renewed, re-energised you, awakens to a new day. Give it one year to begin the journey of choosing your heart to be your Guide every day of every other year of your life… awakening an illumination within, for your most powerful healing to open the flow of your energy to the Divine You.

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