The purpose of student assessment is simply to have an awareness that all students are being cared for and are progressing well. This will include:

  • Mumara feedback to teachers every term;
  • Student feedback and self assessment to mumara and teachers every term;

All students also may choose over the year to train and prepare to be an Accredited Practitioner in the art of facilitating empowerment sessions for individuals.

Accreditation As a Sound and Light Channel

A Sound and Light Channel who chooses to train in the Sound & Light Healing elective with the intention of becoming a practitioner of the Empowerment Session for the benefit of the evolution and empowerment of others, is offered the potential of being an Accredited Sound and Light Channel upon completion of the one year training in the Creation School.

To be accredited as a Sound and Light Channel is a 4 step process, where firstly the student must complete 75% of the core program of the school, 80% of the training sessions in the Sound and Light Healing elective and all 12 sessions with their mumara.

Secondly, in the third term of the training year, the student begins to practise the Empowerment sessions with others who are open to receiving them. An Empowerment journal will be kept by the student practitioner in regards to the learning experiences gained through facilitating the sessions.

To complete the year preparation training as a Sound and Light Channel, the student will give an Empowerment Session to a client during their last mumara session of the year. Both the client and the practitioner will need to experience a shift in their energy and consciousness.

The mumara will be guided by an evaluation sheet that will list specific key areas of focus for the assessment of this facilitated session. The successful completion of this session is the third requirement towards receiving an accreditation.

A Sound and Light Channel fulfils the first three requirements of training sessions, practice and assessment in the Sound and Light Healing elective in preparation of the fourth requirement, which is the student's presence at the Empowerment Retreat in which training and practice in the complete live form of the Empowerment Session is offered.

An Accreditation as a Sound and Light Channel is offered to all who complete all of the first three requirements and complete all requirements set at the Empowerment Retreat. This accreditation will take the form of a certificate signed by Lelama Sjamar and Sri'ama Qala.

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