"I completed the first Mystery School and it transformed every aspect of my life. I continue to learn and develop as a member of the Kamura pod of keepers. I now have an extended family of loving and supportive poddies and I have expanded my consciousness beyond my wildest dreams! Qala is the most loving and generous being I have met on earth, who only wants all of us to reach our highest spiritual potential with ease and grace. There is no more exhilarating path!"
Janet Carr. Psychologist, Australia
Amahla Kia Mu. Keeper of Angelic Keys/Angelic Mind

"It has been my deepest honour to be a part of the Sacred Mystery School and to share of the teachings of Qala Sri'ama Phoenix and the Enlightened Masters. The world of Mystery was (and continues to be) so far beyond my previous imaginings. Through these teachings and the accompanying journey, I have found new realms of Self that delight, and create, and love in ways that I had not dared to dream of. I am in awe of the depth, magnificence and beauty of all that Qala and G.A.I.A. offer. Thankyou for this opportunity to express my gratitude Namaste."
Amamelia, New Zealand
Founder, School of the Feminine Divine. Keeper of the Crystal Heart of Alcyone

"I spent an eternity searching in the wilderness for answers and understanding, and it was not until The Mystery School Training, that I finally arrived Home. Was it hard work? YES! Was it worth it? More than anything I have ever done!! I am still learning."
Linda Mattar, United Kingdom
Alla Aafia. Keeper of the Cosmic Tones

"The mystery school teachings, of amazing beauty and depth, go beyond the mind, guiding one's heart, soul and spirit on our blessed journey home to the One Heart. These high vibrational, lovelight creative tools are a powerful source of inspiration, activation and transformation. One experiences the re-encounter with soul family, a resonance with Oneness and the sharing of one's journey and gifts in group/pod consciousness. Deep brother/sisterhood that is truly healing and joyful for the heart. Sacred guidance and deep nurturing. Clarity and loving wisdom. Blessedness and gratitude. On this sacred path, as one surrenders allowing God Presence to flow within and in so doing, without, one experiences an at-Oneness and energy body alignment on all levels. Life flows, and the heart knows and trusts the perfection of the divine plan."
Lehaya Shamahlea Ki'El, Crystal Heart Keeper of the Universal Sound Currents

"Many thanks and blessings to Qala and the Sacred Mystery School. The SMS has created many life-changing events. It has changed my whole outlook on life, my family, my work, and soon to be my place of residence. The teachings have been both challenging and rewarding. It has been a joy to overcome each journey and to receive the many gifts and insights each of these bring. I have been able to release many wounds and to regain my power with ease and grace and within a loving, caring environment. I have received much love and support from my newfound family which continues to grow. The tools I have received have allowed me to not only assist myself, but many others. It is a pleasure to be of planetary and humanitarian service. I have received many healing tools/templates and codes. It has built my confidence to where I am ready to step out as a teacher and healer, to know that I will be looked after and to honour my divine mission and keeperships. The Enlightened Masters have allowed me to realise that my potential is limitless and that there is nothing one cannot do and that there is so much assistance one can call for. The mergence of my God Presence brings total bliss and harmony and the ability to look at every being through divine eyes. Thank you Qala for showing me that I am limitless and that there is nothing I cannot do. Especially for teaching me to stand in my power and be me."

It was wonderous and amazing the growth and acceleration I experienced in my keepership over the 2 weeks. I feel fully empowered to do my work, my purpose and my mission.
Ama - Ancient Mother Keeper of the Stones

This retreat has definitely activated my keepership without a doubt. This retreat cleared away all fear and doubt about my role as keeper.
Amarom - Keeper of Sound Light and Sacred Geometry

This retreat has been a journey in activations and fulfilment of promises.
Selenya - Gateway Keeper of Solar and Lunar Pathways

This is the most wonderful experience I ever had in my life. A total transofmation happened, very empowering. I am thankful to the Masters, Qala and Amaya and all the other poddies.
Shalima - Keeper of the Temples of Light

Qala and the Masters created a retreat beyond all expectations of what is possible! Glorious alchemy bringing our divinity into form... anchoring and activating our keepership gifts with clear, practical applications for serving all life.
Phoenicia - Keeper of the Spheres of Love

This retreat has been a magical journey into vast expansion of consciousness beyond comprehension. It's been filled with grace, infinite love and the fulfilment of my heart dreaming.
Gaia Ma - Keeper of Celestial Dreaming, Heart Weaver

The Sacred Mystery School instantly began to transform my life upon the first day of training and this past year goes way beyond any words that that the English language can express!!! Now after completing the year's training, I have been blessed and honoured to be consciously aware of my Divine Mission and purpose with the divine Plan so I can do my part in anchoring Heaven and Peace on Earth.
Amayzia - Keeper of the Starry Pathway

Our keepership retreat with Qala and Amaya is the deepest, most powerful and intense experience of my life. I birthed and grounded an incredible new level of my Mother self.
Eloma - Keeper of the Mother Ray

Immense Joy, Love and Gratitude for the reunion and living in the Makina Pod Heart, anchoring the Divine Mother's Lodge and The Divine Plan on Earth. This amazingly gifted experience of stepping into my keepership and my heart's dreaming, marks a profound shift in my life… Thank you Qala, Amaya and Makina!
Shamalea - Keeper of Sound Currents

Experiences of Qala's retreats

"This Retreat has expanded my soul in a way that I could not have imagined. I was taken to depths with such love and support that I could not have gotten to on my own. The teachings have been sacred and invaluable. The healing of one's self has been transformative and amazing. I am not the same personal I was when I first arrived. I feel eternally grateful to Qala."
Janet O'Shea
Spiritual Psychotherapist & Healer
New York, USA

"The God Presence Retreat has had a monumental impact on me this week. I feel that I have gone up octaves in frequency. Especially important was the teachings and breaking of agreements and releasing of attachments. I am deeply grateful to the Enlightened Masters and Qala for this divine experience."
Ann Panico
Lightworker with Planetary Grids & Gaia's Ascension
South Salem, New York, USA

"This retreat, through Sri'ama Qala, invites a being to move into their ascended state in a more accelerated way than would happen otherwise. The teachings are simultaneously deeply profound and grounded, and support each individual with the light, awareness, skill set, spiritual confidence and realized divine connection in order to shine light on their path with God, and deeply connect to their God Presence. It is a life changing work though not for the faint hearted. It requires commitment, an open heart and literally a willingness to release all of your beliefs and attachments in order to expand into higher realms of truth. I have never met any experience so profound in its love and wisdom."
Jeanne M Russo
Spiritual Teacher
Mahwah, New Jersey, USA

"This retreat has been the most transformative week of my life! I was ready to throw in the towel of my 28 year marriage. After being in Qala's Presence with her teachings of body, mind, soul, & spirit attunements and beautiful teachings, I am now ready to face my marriage with love instead of running away. I am so peaceful, so joyful and so grateful Qala is on the planet at this time. She is truly the most gifted and enlightened teacher of all time. I truly mean this from my heart."
Carol Hall
Registered Nurse/Energy Medicine Practitioner
Cooperstown, New York, USA

"Words cannot express the gratitude and the fullness of this experience. This retreat was more than I could every imagined. Being able to be in the Presence of the Enlightened in such an intimate environment was beyond my imagination. The love and support that was felt from them was amazing. Being in Qala's frequency for seven days was a gift in itself. There was no other place I would have been able to have received each of these connections in such a loving environment. Being able to have access to this wisdom and love is an experience I will never forget and will always cherish."
Carol Essiq
Intuitive Adviser and Energy Worker
Ridgefield, CT, USA

"This retreat has been a very special experience with a very special teacher. Qala brings a very high frequency to her teachings. One is able to receive so much on a very deep level through her. She is a clear and gifted teacher. There is no one quite like her. The retreat is a deep blessing for all who attend. I highly recommend this opportunity for your spiritual growth and healing. Amazing and transformational!"
Mary Ellen Stringos
Energy Therapist
Montpelier, Vermont, USA

"As a result of the God Presence Retreat, I will never be the same, having had one of the most profound experiences of my life! So … if you want a major life-altering experience; If you are willing to dig deep and open your consciousness; If you are ready to grow and expand beyond your widest imaginings; then the God Presence Retreat is for you. Namaste!"
Gale Haas
Spiritual Coach, Energy Healing
Auemont, New York. USA

"Qala has taught me that through the love of an open heart, all is possible. The teachings are true to spirit. Our practise, guided by Qala is deep and ever lasting. I have been shown by example and in the meditations and teachings the strength of love, forgiveness and the open heart."
Peter Metzler
Teacher, Artist
Piermont, New York

"My first retreat in 2005 was perhaps one of the greatest gifts that I had given to myself. Spending one week with Qala ignited the greatest flame for spiritual and personal growth. Some of the keys that I was given at the time were seeds that were planted that are now emerging with rapid acceleration within me, here in 2010. I am eternally grateful for she has truly been my most profound spiritual teacher in the flesh, reflecting to me at all times my magnificence and divinity."
Dona Ho Lightsey
New Paltz, New York, USA

"I had no idea what would be unfolding when I read the syllabus about the retreat. It gave me a small increment but nothing substantial, for me it was a topic of what you would be. Being there for 7 days, from the time I got there, I was declaring I was on line getting clearer. I turned around and there you were behind me. I instantly felt this excitement meeting you. I was already excited knowing that I am here for a life change. I turned back in front of me then I though Oh My God. I hugged you and I was ecstatic. My experience was absolutely divine. It makes me cry . Tears come to my eyes. I have never experienced such bliss. For me it is not about the energy. Its about Being, its about transforming. Its about relinking to my power. Its about recognising the beautiful light , the gifted divinity that I am. Its about connecting with all aspects of me, nature, my ancestors and some friends. Its all about that and more. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. Blessed Be Blessed Be Blessed Be"
Nancy Raphael
Brooklyn, New York, USA

"What a treat to sit with Qala in Retreat in energies of pure loving creation from the highest dimensions of spiritual light. Qala is masterly in revealing the truth. She does it from the heart, through love. Even in the most challenging moments of personal transformation I felt so safely held in love and acceptance and that feeling remains with me now. I found Qala's divine work to be exciting, joyful, and respectful. But it is also much, much more than that. In the 3-day Retreat that I attended, she connected me to beings of incredible wisdom and love, and angelic and truthful light, creating a path of remembering in which some of my hardest memories evaporated, replaced by an empowered knowing that in each step I take I am completely supported. Qala helped me to identify, connect, reflect and transform what I have created in my life. I am incredibly grateful to Qala for creating such a unique joyful environment for profound healing to take place. I saw each person present, myself included, ignited by her loving presence."
Sarah Lidsey
New York, USA

"Over the last 3 1/2 years I have connected to the body of work that Qala has anchored and this has been unlimited in helping me move forwards to embrace all that I can be. I don't know how to limit my thanks to just one Retreat.
I have faced challenges in the past year that have mirrored experiences not well met before I moved onto this path of love-light. A very different 'me' met these challenges and experiences through the anger, hurt and fear that they stirred and I learnt to love and forgive myself, and others involved. I honour the amazing gift that your extraordinary willingness and ability to anchor your work has been.
"I honour the feats that I have met and the support that I have received" - never a truer mantra have I regularly chanted to support, clear and help me thru!
In special regard to the "In Divine Presence" Retreat, to be able to have your special attention to sooth the "hiccups" that I experienced as I opened myself to the focus for the weekend, the clarity of the channels and the wholeness of the processes taken thru, as well as the friendship and support you fostered the group to bring forth, well - I just tell everyone "you've got to do it!"
To appreciate at the time how my Presence's suggested focus of intention for the Retreat was so completely in line with the experiences I was being taken thru in 2009 with my human interactions. The work of clearing the reasons for separation so that reconnection of a higher vibration to others, soul family and family of light could occur and to be able to face what has been thrown up to be faced, accepted, honoured, forgiven and love... To feel the depths of support that has held me...amazing. Truly, truly I thank you."
Sydney, Australia

"I have been a seeker for close to 40 years on a path of continuous exploration and immersion into that which promised spiritual growth. While I did receive blessings from all of it, nothing has come close to what I've experienced this week with Qala. I now know I am Home and all my heart's longings have found peace within these profound and effective teachings and activations she brings. I am blessed for always by this one called Qala."
Skye Ma

"The retreat I have experienced this week has blessed me with love, light and laughter so profoundly it is difficult to put into words. Enlightenment, growth, peace, beauty, love, joy, transformation and fulfilment of my heart's desires are just a few of the words that come to mind. Just gratitude does not seem enough. It is a wonderous blessed experience to treasure in my heart eternally."
Vonnell Stahl

"This retreat provided deep, profound, interactive, dynamic and direct experiences into the heart of my being, connecting me with the God in me and within each one of us. Levels upon levels of release work was experienced opening me up to experience a greater fullness of being. A very deep connection with the Masters was established as well, along with learning the tools to connect with them directly. I also learned to undo past contracts that limited me and no longer serve me, allowing me to learn to remember and bring back my multidimensional skills. I am so extremely grateful for everything that happened at this retreat, as one after another of my highest dreams that I longed so deeply for, for so long became manifest."
Ruth Caplin
New York

"Meeting here at the God Presence Retreat with Qala and Amaya has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. The most amazing thing that has happened at the God Presence Retreat is connecting with God in a way that satisfies my heart. I have attended many classes over the last 35 years. This one has shown me the way to connect to all parts of myself."
Mary Anne Shand

"This has been an adventure of healing growth realisation and mastery. This has to be offered to the world. We all need this love that Qala offers. Growth spiritually, mentally and emotionally is so obvious during this retreat that you can feel it within and without each moment of each day. My blessings and gratitude to Qala for offering this."

"I am grateful to Qala and her work in the God Presence Retreat. Everything was amazing, the personal messages, the activations and gifts from the Enlightened Masters. I have done ascension work since 1994, yet this was the most pure, powerful and deeply felt work I have done. I am blessed to have been a part of the first God Presence Retreat. This whole week has been filled with miracles and delight. The most amazing experience for me was the breakthrough I had to open to the Divine Feminine."
Cheryl Croci

"This one week retreat I attended has changed my life forever. I have been given tools to work with that are part of my daily life now that bring me closer moment by moment to who I truly am and the awesome responsibilities that I have. This would take more than a lifetime to discover on your own what was imparted in this week retreat."
Karen Springer

Experiences of "The Golden River of Life"
Empowerment Sessions with Lelama Sjamar

Lelama is a Master of Sound and Light... a powerful healing journey that reawakened me to my own Mastery within and through this healing I have connected with the confidence to bring my own Essence through.
Many thanks and Blessings,
Carol Atkins, intuitive healer, reader, Byron Bay 2008

Lelama is quite amazing and as her Presence stepped through into the space created, I felt able to just let go – I felt safe.
Her awareness for the aspects of my own Presence surprised me and the specific wording used to describe to me how the session could be of benefit, were exactly the words I had used while deeply asking my own Presence before arriving...
The elements within my life where I had encountered a little difficultly, a little resistance for reasons beyond my ability to perceive at the time, were all brought into the greater awareness of the healing space created by Lelama. She was able to clearly tune into the field and provide a link for aspects of me, to something I had not wanted to see or experience again.
I felt so aware, so connected, so peaceful afterwards, it was as though Presence stepped through all barriers I'd created to be as one with me.
Thank you Lelama!
Rishaan, Sydney 2009


Lelama is a loving and caring spiritual healer. Her techniques are powerful and gentle and fully integrate mind, body and spirit. Her work has been most beneficial for me, personally. I have experienced strong energy flow and been empowered with strong heart love energy every time I have had a healing session with Lelama. I highly recommend her work for anyone wishing to move forward along their spiritual path and mission.
Richard Harris, Australia 2006 – 2010

When I opened up myself to receive sound into my being, Lelama emerged in my energy space. At first I was not certain what was to be expected so I went with the flow. Soon I realised that Lelama has a presence that is beyond her frame, a kind and generous soul, a sound that is majestic and necessary, a connection with the source at a level that connects with all types of people and faiths. If you are fortunate to experience the essence of Lelama, don't hesitate for her voice transcends your being into a oneness with the universe. Lelama can tap into energies and nurture through her sound, vital healing that can only transform the soul to be enlightened, pick up where it left off and continue the journey. That is the blessing, supported during healing sessions, if you open yourself up to receive.
Hind Kourouche, Sydney, April 2010

What a blessing... what a blessing indeed... That was a profoundly beautiful session, no less than purely exquisite. It has been a joy and a complete privilege to work with you. Thank you, thank you. The aspects who struggled so deeply have trusted you, have guided me to you. And I am so grateful that they have been able to find the love and peace they have longed for in the beautiful voidal heart.
Mayya Tukara, divine graphic design, sound healer, UK 2010


My deepest heartfelt gratitude for a beautiful session. Your work is profound and exquisite and speaks to the core of me. I've had some beautiful and amazing sessions in the past where a wounded aspect of myself was healed or released and I came away feeling very excited, like finally I'm going to move forward - This session has brought me to a very different place of feeling much more expanded, integrated and a deep deep peace has enveloped me - something I've not experience before! I also feel that I will be connecting much more deeply with so many aspects of myself as it feels as though the "flood gates" are opening.
So thank you again, with ALL of my heart(s)! I truly look forward to connecting with you in sessions, in self mastery school and in joy and love as our journey continues. Infinite Blesssings, and Infinite Love,
Amaraya, New York 2010

After this session with Lelama, I clearly felt a shift in my energy, which allowed me to perceive a situation in my life with new eyes. I was able to embrace, what felt like a challenge before, with an attitude born of freedom and enthusiasm. Lelama is a gifted seer and extremely thorough in the application of her work. I am sure there will be many more benefits from this session that will reveal themselves in time.
Illumina Christos, spiritual teacher, Feb 2007

I have been very fortunate to receive a healing with Lelama Sjamar.
I experienced the presence of a strong healing force aligning all of my bodies, my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and my chakras.
Through presence, beautiful sounding and an occasional gentle touch, I experienced strong forces correcting and clearing all energies above, below, within and without, all around.
I would highly recommend a person to take this opportunity for themselves, to bathe in the divine frequency, which Lelama is able to initiate for your being. Thank you Lelama.
Blessings, El'tara, 2007


I feel touched by God, playing in the garden of Home...
Ella, Living Light Temple Day, Byron Bay

Today was an especially versatile and active day, and regularly I felt a wave of love and happiness, that I couldn't place fully…mmmm. Understand that I thought that I knew those feelings, but now it feels different, cleaner, lighter. Well, in short I feel GOOD! So thank you so much dear Lelama, for an incredible session yesterday. Thank you for being my translater and spokesperson for a world that I don't know yet, for your attention and care. Awesome that we have met!
Suzy, Amsterdam 2010

Such incredibly beautiful work! So powerful… so exquisite… I am eternally infinitely grateful!!
Kundalini Love, Amsterdam, NL 2011

I truly honour your strength and courage in meeting these most challenging initiations. It is a testament to your great great spirit to be able to move through such a monumental journey in a short period of time with the grace that you have shown. My heart travels with you and my heart prayer is that you are divinely blessed each and every day.
Amaraya, New York 2011


Experiences of Lelama's Teaching Programs

The magical transcendent birthing of Divine Presence in the inspiring journeys of Lelama and Yamala's amazing gift to enhance the goodness and beauty of our world, is full of radiant grace. I encourage each of you to avail yourselves of this splendid blessing.
Shilea Kytheria, Ascension teacher, channel, artist, Hawaii 2007

Yamala Yoga is a great experience. It is at once spiritually connecting, physically energizing and leaves me feeling open, balanced and peaceful.
Michael Hammer, composer of music for meditation, Hawaii 2007

I have found the Yamala Yoga classes enjoyable, relaxing and spiritually empowering. It is very easy and quick to become fully grounded in a loving space when you take Lelama's yoga practice.
Richard Harris, executive manager, Perth Australia 2009

Having done many programs with Qala Sri Ama and other teachers of The Academy of Energy Science and Consciousness, I became aware that my voice was the least activated of my gifts. Having experienced the beauty of sounding together in groups during EASE and Sundarah, I wished to find my own Divine note, my own sound of creation. I am blessed to have attended Lelama's Divine Voice workshop in Sydney and encourage others to do the same. Her healings are truly Divine and frequency pours forth as you open your heart to your own unique sound.
I was able to connect to other beings, from my heart, without the need for words. The lasting effects of this have enabled me to journey more deeply into the manifestation and creation of my heart's dreaming. It's a beautiful way to lose your little self to discover the Divinity of your immense being.
A.K, Sydney


Divine Voice is a beautiful way to reconnect with clarity and love in life. Before the workshop I felt disconnected, yet through the experiences, healings, openings and Lelama's incredibly beautiful voice, I can see forward again, and I feel the creation frequency, which I have not felt for quite some time.
Rishaan, Sydney

This Divine Voice work allowed my true voice to flow through the fearful child within. A remarkable transformation after one day of working with this energy… I had never allowed sound to flow through and now my divine voice is flowing through with love, not fear. A profound change on all levels. The child is dancing and singing in her true divine presence. I am eternally grateful for Lelama's dedication to activating the creation of sound within each soul. Many many blessings full of joy.
Alison, Sydney

Words cannot express my deep gratitude for the first time in my life I have embraced 'my voice'. I was afraid of my voice, afraid of my magnificence, my power. This 3 month workshop has shown me how to connect to and embrace and heal that fear. I can't wait to sing my truth, my voice to the world with an open heart. And I can't wait to create! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Giulia Alafaci, interior design, Sydney

The Divine Voice workshop series opened me up to my inner space in a way I have never experienced in other workshops. Through the power of our own sounds vibrations we are empowered in our lives to open up our divine channel and to create. Sacred Sound has the ability to shift any blockages powerfully and immediately, opening me up to the flow. For the first time in my life I felt comfortable in a new group to be vulnerable and be myself. I take with me tools for the future. Thank you Lelama for this gift!
Gillian Rayner, crystal creations, Australia


Lelama helped me, inspired me, to open up to the divinity in myself, see the divinity in others and to release the baggage of the past. I am now more free to be who I am in the now.
Danielle Francis, Sydney

The past three months have had a subtle, yet profound impact on me. I have felt my heart opening like a flower, blossoming, and an ease, enter into my life. A more divine perspective on and awareness of all things has filtered into my consciousness. I feel I am more and more, each day, dancing the joy of life and inviting others into the dance too! What a gift! Blessings to you and me!
Fiona Borland, Sydney

Thank you Lelama for a beautiful journey (3 months), one I didn't want to finish, and I won't. When you focus on opening one part of you, so many other gifts are given. My intention was to open my heart and truly love myself. In return, I healed my relationship with my husband and learned to love what my soul has to express, to not judge and find fault in it. I know that the work we did today will create huge shifts for me and I look forward to the unfolding of it. Best of all, I found my true voice!
Erin, Singer, Australia
(A year later Erin returned for another Empowerment session and a Healing Science of Sacred Sound workshop and after this shared with me she had been able to conceive the child she had been trying to bring in for a year.)

I feel such gratitude to you, Lelama, for during the past 3 months, the time I have spent in your presence, in group and personal sessions, my soul has been restored. The sounds you encouraged us to make, cleared away much unwanted energies so that I was able, once again, to allow my true voice to emerge. Your sounds are truly divine.
Blessings, Ulli, Events Organizer, Australia

I am delighted to have received such profound healing and insight on so many levels, all in a seemingly little one day workshop. The vibration you choreograph is so sweet and beauty-full, I commend anyone who feels a desire to get connected solidly to their divinity via their voice, to give this work a go!
Bili Pike, Byron Bay

Thank you, Lelama, for all your beautiful singing and sounding and praying, and moving, shaking and expressing ourselves in unconditional love, for this has brightened my flow and given me courage and soft gentle energy to vibrate with my dreaming, gently into this world to trust the happy sounds of life...
Bridget Griffiths, Byron Bay

Moments of real ecstasy, which sit at the highest place of my gratitude list! Finding my way into a new and exciting exploration journey, into my inner world which is as tangible as an enchanted forest. Your gorgeous presence of humour and gorgeousness has been this until the completion. Awesome!
Pete, Byron Bay

I have the mantra on my altar, which I sing into my lower back and shoulders when the muscles tighten up, and it immediately relaxes them. This was my intention for the Creation Journey, and it made a profound difference that I was able receive my own mantra that came to me while still in divine connection. Thanks to the beautiful process that you guided us through. I experienced for myself, the clarity and peace that sounding to my chakras created during the journey.
Ocha Sheehan, Byron Bay

Creation Teachings of Yamala – March - June 2010

I feel such warmth in my being and such gratitude in this beautiful connection with the Ancient Ones and the Mothers of Creation. It is bringing a sense of completeness to my soul.
Mayya Grace Tukara, spiritual graphic design, UK

Thank you so deeply from my heart for the Yamala Creation teachings... such Divine Timing.... My Creator Being is so ready to receive these teachings and transmute whatever is not in service to the Divine Plan.
After this last session I have been so totally INSPIRED...EXCITED all day with a kind of injection of energy and excitement....of having gotten to a very special point of transformation, of awakening and awareness...of my dreams becoming palpable.
Shamahlea Kiama, Argentina

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