Zita Tiannamai Sheehan


Be welcome in this Holy place where we all come to meet and share all that we are through our Blessed hearts and Blessed minds. Be welcome into this Holy Heart of the Divine Creation School where your Divine Presence may call you forth to discover and delight in a part of you that has lain sleeping till this time.

It is with my greatest Joy that I have been called to support and witness all that come to me as their Mumara, being your Mother of love, part of my destiny and I surrender to hold you while you birth what you have promised to birth now.

God/ess has truly blest this being with so many opportunities to serve, and I know too well that this service also includes my own growth and opening in accordance with my Holy Promise to the Great Mother Father.

God/ess made very clear my journey ten years past when in a very difficult time in my life, I knew that how I had been attempting to move through my life was not serving me, or others. So I made a promise to myself and God/ess to move only with what was purely pulsed from my Heart, in knowing that through my surrender I had given my will back to Mother Father God. “Of my own self I can do nothing”.

Through this feeling way, opening myself to the Divine, I met Qala unexpectedly, and soon after our first contact I felt the Presence of a great Angel with its loving guidance move me to the phone, to commence with Qala and the Enlightened Masters a personal journey of twelve months of meeting with them. They introduced me to my Keepership work, and taught me many things and gave me many challenges to meet.

My life changed profoundly from one of being angry, grieving, to discovering that love did exist within my being and that there was good in the world and good within me.

I celebrate now with you; I can support you to experience that you are love and loving, and that you will be held so deeply by many that love you in this Self Mastery School of Creation, where you will meet your Gifts to create from this love.

Presently I live in the country in Victoria, Australia with my Beloved Partner, Zeesh Akaylia Mahatma. Spirit brought us here to open us to a new connection with the Earth, to open more deeply to community, to grow confidence in ourselves and share our gifts with whom God/ess brings to us. A truly beautiful space to be in, that touches my heart deeply.

I shared my early awakening with two beautiful children, now young women who supported me to birth my Mother being here on the Earth, teaching me to open my Heart again, of Trusting that they too are Divinely Human and we have all had to stretch ourselves together, allowing, loving, holding, and then letting them go, setting them free to discover themselves. Blest I am.

And so dear ones, my Heart wish for Humanity is the Co-creation of love on the Earth between all races, beliefs and creeds, that in Truth we are all birthed from the One Heart. My wish is for all to remember this, to be this, to love this that which we are.

This is my fourth Self Mastery School dearest Ones, and my third sweet journey of being a Mumara. We Love you, and celebrate for you and with you.

Blessings of the Mothers of Love to you,
May your journey be so sweet. Zita

Gifts of Creation Zita shares with you through her Divine Presence work...

My Gift of Song has always been present, and has given me so much joy through out this life. Now this sound runs through a different stream of the Language of Light and Love. This powerful and profound frequency of Sacred Sound in itself is deeply healing, and I believe has the power to change energy on many levels. It has the power to open our Hearts. It has the power to reach into the Stars, and to travel into the Earth as a blessing; it is a means of deep and profound connection to all things. It is a Song of Love, so deep and so beautiful.

My Gift of Seeing and Sensing shows me how I may serve you or another. Journeying through the Heart chakra we are able to open and send forth the Great Love that moves through us to support another’s Heart to open, and to know who you are and where you may need support.

My Gift as Channel — When we come to work together, I open myself to My Holy Presence and the Blessed Mother beings, who infuse through me a very deep and knowing connection, that holds purely love... opening me, merging with me, guiding the session, bringing forth the parts of ourselves that are ready to be loved and together in Holy Unity, accepting all that we are.

Star Body Reconnection — We reconnect you as a Soul to your Star Body, your multidimensional body that supports your soul to be at home on the Earth and to open to your Joy and Universal connection in this life.

Transmissions Of Love — We offer your Soul support through transmissions of frequencies of deep Love in difficult times. We embrace you with the Star Mothers and Divine Mother and Inner Earth Mothers, to hold you unconditionally, to let you know that you are loved, regardless of how you feel or believe in yourself. Through this deep loving, acknowledging and accepting of who you are right now, your soul opens to let love in, and transformation will occur.

The Gift to lead you through Journeys and Activations to Open  — We journey with you through meditation and sound, to connect you to Mother Rainbow Serpent and Mother Gaia, opening yourselves to their teachings, their love. Opening yourselves through all that they bring, to connect to the trees, rocks and streams, all of life. Opening to your Starry connections, calling forth starry technology to create a bridge, the 12 Pointed White Star, that opens portals in the Earth’s body and in your own body. Offering you and I new opportunities of opening to Grace, and the Blessings of the Earth, her mysteries, her love.  Opening to new beginnings and new ways of being on the Earth, the co-creation of Love through all races of Humanity, opening to our greater Family.

Star Seed Remembrance — Zita’s Body of Work with Divine Presence

Since her first meeting with the Enlightened Masters over ten years ago, Zita has been earthing her own Star Connections, through drawing a series of Codes that reconnect all souls to 144 star soul extensions. This drawing of the Star Codes opened a journey Zita would never have imagined, through meeting many parts of her being that were in deep fear and anger. She is learning to hold these parts lovingly and set many parts free. Through this journey the Presence of Love began to flow from her heart to others, and this was mirrored in return to her.

Star Seed Journeys and Personal Sessions

Zita has been offering this Star Seed work through workshops and private journeys, supporting others to connect to their Star Soul Extensions. Through this work many opened their hearts, which supported their gifts to birth, lovingly onto the Earth, and through the Earth body, for their personal healing and for the support of their families, communities and all of humanity.

A Circle Of Love

Zita’s work at present is opening to a much deeper love and connection with the Mother Beings, from the Stars and Earth. This deep, profound and very gentle work leads you to accepting your Humanness, your perceptions of the mental, emotional and physical challenges, that we encounter, through all relationships, with ourselves and others. This acceptance enables you to experience an openness and freedom within your being, a releasing, and a deep Divine Loving of who you are in this moment, Humanly Divine. From this, All of You births... We Love you...

Zita Tiannamai Sheehan    
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